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Thanksgiving for the Black community is all about spending time with family and loved ones the dessert but specifically the pies. That’s why we’re not sure we can stand behind Anthony Anderson‘s prank.

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“For the Anderson family, Thanksgiving has always been about preparing the meal together, sharing what we’re most thankful for, and finishing our celebration with homemade Sweet Potato Pie,” the black-ish executive producer and actor told TV One. “Another annual holiday tradition is goofing around with my family.  I pulled off a prank to show my family that I not only have serious baking chops that can rival my Big Momma, but that the spices from McCormick truly awakens the flavor of the pie.”

The NAACP Image Awards Winner partnered with McCormick to test his cousin Kevin and nephew Frederick’s taste buds. It took Kevin less than a few bites before he shared his brutally honest opinion, “I don’t want to get you mad but it’s bland.”

It’s clear that his family doesn’t joke around — especially when it comes to sweet potato pie.

“One year we didn’t have sweet potato pie because every other family member thought the other family member was bringing the pie. So we made a vow that would never happen again. And then the next year everybody brought a sweet potato pie.”

When it was time for Frederick to share his opinion, he took a softer approach in comparison to Kevin, “Are you sure you want to know?” While the two continued to appear confused, disinterested, and unimpressed, Anderson revealed that it was a prank.


Click here for Anderson’s full sweet potato pie recipe and tell us: does it compare to your family’s recipe?

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