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Mo’Nique has been vocal about the treatment she’s received in Hollywood for quite some time. But now, the comedian is revealing how Tyler PerryOprah Winfrey, and Lee Daniels cost her both money and generational wealth in a recent interview.

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On Fox Soul’s Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, the Baltimore native expanded on her issues with the three powerhouses in Black Hollywood stating that she doesn’t regret telling Daniels, Winfrey, and Perry to “suck her d**k” during a stand-up routine in 2017. When Jordan asked her if she regretted that comment, the comedian had the following to say:

“Yes, I regret it, Claudia. And imma [sic] say it to you first. You know why I regret it? Because I forgot to add the nuts.”

As she, Jordan, and husband Sidney Hicks laughed at her response, Mo’Nique further explained that as a comedian “that’s what we do” but still stands firm on her comment.

“I don’t regret it because I think that for so long people in quote-unquote power feel like ‘I can use you as a piece of trash and ball you up and throw you away when I’m done with you,'” shared the 52-year-old. “For me, that stage is my therapy. That stage allows me to say that this is a part of what’s going on in my life and that night I had to say it because they were sitting by watching my career be snatched.”

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The Precious actress was then asked how she would address them if given the opportunity and she gave the floor to her husband; “What we would say to them is if you are the honorable people that you portray yourself to be, simply tell the truth. If you love your community like you say that you do, simply tell the truth. If you’re going to say that she was right in private, why not say that in public?”

The Oscar-winning actress added that due to how they treated her, “it’s cost my family millions. It’s cost us generational money.”

Prior to speaking on her ongoing feud with the three producers, Mo’Nique spoke on a conversation she had with Whoopi Goldberg which alluded to The Talk host advising her to leave her husband who also serves as her manager. As she reflected on the issue, she realizes that the Academy Award winner wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings but rather advise that she shouldn’t “go against the grain.”

Mo’Nique wants to make one thing clear: “As long as I have breath in my body, and as long as they don’t fix this, I will keep speaking.”

Tell us: Where do you stand on the ongoing feud?

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