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Sensitivity aside, Ralph Tresvant is revealing the truth behind his hiatus from New Edition.

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From why he pursued a solo career to Bell Biv DeVoe beginning to form before New Edition’s hiatus: the 52-year-old shared his story in UMC’s newest docuseries, A Closer Look.

At the time, Tresvant was happy being the lead singer for New Edition. But as he reflects on his journey, the R&B singer questions if he should’ve pursued other opportunities.

“When I think about how I could’ve set my family up differently and more abundantly — there was [sic] a lot of opportunities I just left on the table that I could’ve went after or probably should’ve went after,” said the Boston native. “It wasn’t until everyone else actually put out projects that I said I might as well put out something. And that’s where the Sensitivity album came from.”

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The certified platinum album was released four years after Bobby Brown‘s debut album “King of Stage” and months after Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe (BBD) debuted “Poison.”

“I just felt like there was a point time that BBD was forming before BBD formed,” Tresvant noted while speaking on his relationship with Ricky. Even stating that he noticed Bell gravitating to the other members of the group yet still trying to hold on to their friendship.

Even when Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike (RBRM) formed in 2018, the “Do What I Gotta Do” singer said that it caused a lot of animosities and made him feel “bitter”. Especially since according to Tresvant, he was the one that wrote the name.

Bell also featured in the episode and agreed with his former group member that “This business has put a real strain on my relationship with Ralph.”

Tell us: Are you surprised that RBRM didn’t include Ralph?

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