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Vivica A. Fox said it best, “Who knew the surprise was going to go all the way f—–g left?” The Cocktails With Queens hosts surprised their co-star LisaRaye McCoy for her birthday with a special appearance from sister Da Bratt but it did not go as planned…in the slightest.

As Claudia Jordan, Syleena Johnson, and Vivica A. Fox eagerly welcomed the female MC, the Players Club Actress was left speechless. While tears filled McCoy’s eyes, her co-stars were celebrating what they thought was a successful birthday gift until Da Brat broke the silence, “We’ve kind of been a little bit distant or whatever so I know she’s really surprised cause you know…we’ve had a little space in our relationship or whatever,” shared the 46-year-old rapper. “From nothing bad but I was just going through a bunch of stuff and you know, I didn’t want to worry nobody. And then I have a whole new significant other situation and I was kind of scared to talk to her about it.”

The significant other in discussion is Jesseca Dupart, the CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. After months of speculation, the couple first went public on Instagram back in March when Dupart bought her “better half” a Bentley for her birthday.

Da Brat revealed earlier this year that she was bisexual while discussing her previous relationship with Allen Iverson on Kandi Burruss’s YouTube show, Speak On It. Prior to going public, Dupart posted a photo to Instagram with an engagement ring on her left hand with a caption that read, “I said “YES”. LOVE has always been a BIG part of my life. And this one thing I am CERTAIN about…… there’s been no other LOVE like this.”

The Grammy-nominated rapper further explained on the Fox Soul show that they never had any bad blood amongst them, “My sister can get real critical sometimes. And she don’t care what she say or how she make you feel sometimes and that’s just who she is. And that’s her being a protective big sister.” But according to McCoy, she just wanted to make sure her baby sister was happy.

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The 53-year-old actress expressed how hurt she was and how she wished she knew what was going on.

“I am glad that you are living in your truth. That right there we’ve been talking about for years and for you to just be so happy and so vibrant — that right there is a blessing to be able to stand in that. That right there is what I believe in,” she said. “I appreciate you coming out and verbally saying ‘happy birthday’ to me this kind of way because I damn sure ain’t heard from you in months.”

While Fox and Jordan tried to console McCoy and asked her to hear from Da Brat’s side, she made it very clear that this situation was mainly between the two of them by saying, “I don’t give a f–k what y’all saying. At All. Y’all don’t know s–t.”

Once Da Brat left and they returned from the commercial break, the hosts shared that neither they nor the producers were aware of their fallout.

When Jordan asked the Chicago native if she were open to talking to her sister, she quickly said, “Oh yeah! That’s my sister. That ain’t going nowhere.”

McCoy’s anger stems from the fact that she discovered Da Brat’s relationship status and sexuality through blogs.

“So when you got s–t going on and you’re happy, that’s a happy time in your life that you want to share with the people that you love. But I got to hear from the blogs. I got to hear it from the radio stations. I got to heart it from Rickey Smiley.”

We’ll continue to keep their sisterly bond in our prayers.

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