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Vince Velazquez from TV One’s ‘ATL Homicide’ took to social media to share his thoughts on the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. The retired Atlanta detective shared two videos on Instagram titled “My analysis of the Ahmaud Arbery homicide.” After watching footage from the February 23rd shooting, Velazquez wanted to provide commentary from the perspective of a trained homicide investigator.

The videos, “pt. 1” and “pt. 2,” total just over 16 minutes of Velazquez going frame by frame and comparing the footage to what was written in the original police report. He ultimately believes that there is a conflict between the two pieces of evidence and that arrests should be made.

Ahmaud Arbery was jogging in Glynn County near Brunswick, Georgia when he was chased down, shot, and killed by Gregory and Travis McMichael. According to police reports, the white father-and-son-duo loaded up in a pickup truck, armed with a shotgun and .357 magnum handgun, and pursued the 25-year-old black man. The police report states that the chase began when eldest McMichael, who is a retired investigator with the town’s district attorney’s office, saw Arbrey jogging by and thought he fit the description of alleged nearby burglaries. The former football sensation was pronounced dead on site. Neither of the McMichael men have been arrested.

Though the shooting happened months ago in February, the case has recently started making nationwide headlines mostly due to the release of the video that shows the intense final moments of Arbery’s life.

Many other activists, celebrities, and community leaders have been speaking out and demanding immediate arrests of the McMichael men. Protests have popped up all over the country and #JusticeforAhmaud is circulating social media to bring attention to the case and hopefully Justice for Ahmaud and his family.

Join us in sending prayers for justice to Ahmaud and his family and tell us- what do you think of this case?

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