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Editor’s Note: The content below includes sexually explicit language and is NSFW. We do not recommend watching or listening around children or if you’re uncomfortable with the topic of sex.

Gender roles in relationships have always been a tricky and touchy subject for some — especially when it comes to sex and what is deemed acceptable in the bedroom.

Tank has long since been a proud ally to the LGBTQIA community over the years (remember his performance at D.C. Pride in 2017?) so it proves as no surprise when the five-time Grammy-nominated singer doubled down on his statements in response to a recent interview on Angela Yee‘s Lip Service. The topic — heterosexual men fearing judgment around sexual pleasure that we have been taught were gay or bisexual.

The conversation starts surrounding the question of why it’s acceptable for ladies to have had a lesbian experience once or twice and women not considering themselves anything other than heterosexual, but if/when men do it, they’re automatically labeled as gay. Start at the 3:27 mark.

Do you agree? And you can only imagine how the internet exploded with unnecessary homophobic comments — in which the 43-year-old responded beautifully. Watch.

Regardless of if you actually agree with his specific sentiments, Tank is a lovely example of a straight, Black man standing alongside a community that is often unsupported and ridiculed. And for that we applaud him. We talked to the D.C. native last year about his incredible life and career. Watch.

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