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During a visit on The Breakfast Club, Fantasia gave her thoughts on the state of marriage and relationships within the black community. About eight minutes into the interview the songstress stated that “Most women are trying to be the leader, that’s why you can’t find a man.”

Blaming this on generational curses of raising strong black women, the 35-year-old went on to use her marriage with hubby Kendall Taylor as an example of what to do.

“At the end of the day I’m the neck, my man’s the head. So he can’t make any moves without his wife. It all works together. But you can’t be the head of the house. You got to let the man be the head of the house. But it’s a generational thing and it’s what we’ve been taught. Stand up, be strong… and a dude comes and everything about you is a man.”

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The mother of two and Taylor married in 2015 after dating for only 3 weeks.

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