R&B Divas:          Atlanta Season 3

Episode 9:          "California Love”

Celebrity Blogger: Diva Syleena

To be out here in this capacity is a HUGE blessing and I am very thankful!

The hardest working Diva, Syleena Johnson, GOES IN on bad sound checks and shares real talk about which Diva took one for the team and what’s next on her career agenda!  Read her blog and comment!

Serious Sister Talk

The first scene you see me in on this episode (#9) is by the pool having a girl talk moment with KeKe.  I definitely wanted to wait until things died down to tell her about the situation between Angie and me because KeKe is VERY animated!!!!! LOL!  But all and all, she took it pretty good!!!!  At the end of the day, KeKe really shouldn’t feel any type of way because it’s not her issue.  KeKe didn’t know what was going on and I owed her that courtesy BUT I didn’t want her to look at Angie shady!  There were some FRADULENT activities in the works but we squashed it and have since moved on.  No Division!  


Diva Syleena on “TIME TO TURN UP”

What had happened at the rehearsal was …KeKe REALLY did say that she only wanted to sing ad-libs and we couldn’t find LaTavia so technically there was a part open and the game changed!  Quiet as kept, KeKe was MAD –  no doubt but she was mainly upset with her management who were encouraging her to sing when she clearly didn’t want too!!!

It was A LOT going on at that last rehearsal!  The band was not prepared.  We had our OWN songs and our OWN lyrics to prepare and there was a lot of pressure to learn Angie’s song “Sister.”  We didn’t want to look crazy on stage and we said we would do it so we all learned our parts and SANG!  Even LaTavia was present!


Diva LaTavia On STAGE

Diva LaTavia SHOWED UP and SANG SOMETHING and I am proud of her for that!  When a person is SINCERE, and LaTavia is SINCERE, at some point, you have to ENCOURAGE them and stop kicking them!  LaTavia already said she didn’t want to sing a million times but she showed up and she took one for the TEAM!!!  Prior to the One Night Only show, LaTavia got into with KeKe and she still did her thing!!!! #TEAMLATAVIA


Diva Syleena on Microphone MADNESS

Why is it that this episode only showed ME cussing at the sound guy!  LOL!!!!  Ya’ll know that I don’t play that but for the record I wasn’t the only Diva unhappy.  In real life, KeKe went before me and I was last before Angie.  KeKe wouldn’t even start her set before they fixed it!!!!!  At rehearsal our sound check was phenomenal so I don’t know what happened!  Yes, I did say, “Let’s STOP this Sh*t Cause You Goin’ to Fix This M’F****r,” but let me explain!!!! Sorry I had to curse but I don’t apologize for cursing at the sound man.  Sorry I had to curse in general but it was VERY necessary!!!!  We (Divas) are on the show to SING.  Our sound has got to be FLAWLESS.  I was so irritated because we have been thru so much to get to that point.  Sorry, but no one gets to mess up our sound!!!! 


My Motown Visit

This wasn’t my first time at Motown.  I went last year with producer Bangladesh.  I was very blessed to be back at Motown a year later with new music!!!!!  As an artist, you may love your new music but you never know how other people are going to respond.  It was great to see Derrick Hardy from the A&R Department/Motown who is from Chicago and knows my history and sound!


Blasting OFF!

To be out here in this capacity is a HUGE blessing and I am very thankful!  In this business, it’s about finding people you can work with and want to work with you.  It’s like a relationship; everybody’s got a little bit of shade to them but you have to figure out how much shade you can deal with!!!  I respect Wayne Williams’ gift!!!!  His ears are AMAZING!!!  This season, I chose a production deal with the Astronauts because with them, I get the best of both worlds!!!!

My Hair is LAID Like Diva Syleena

I have received so many positive comments about my hair and the color red this season!  THANK YOU!!!!  This season, I rocked TEMPLE VIRGIN 26” from my Diva Hair Collection custom colored by LaToya Stylez.  I also rocked on the show a VIRGIN closure piece from the same line.  You can get the SAME look at 


What’s NEXT for Diva Syleena

I can’t believe SEASON 3 is almost over!!!!  But I’m not on vacation by any means!  Next for me is hitting the road to promote my new music.   I just announced my new label venture with BLACKBYRD/E1 (BLACKBYRD is the name of the record label and it is distributed thru E1).  My first single comes out in 2 weeks entitled “My Love,” written and produced by Pierre Mador and my new album, “Chapter 6: Couples Therapy” drops October 7th!!!!

I’m still on my fitness grind as well!  I’m training for a half marathon which takes place on September 6th in Georgia.  Get this; the name of the marathon is “THE DIVA RUN!”  LOL!  When you cross the finish line you receive a medal, a glass of Champaign and a ROSE! I can’t wait!  Also, I finally found distribution for my “Mommy’s Got Soul DVD” so that’s coming soon- GET READY!!!

July 17th I’m in full effect performing for the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated 100th Centennial in DC!  And yes, I am a member of their sister sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated so BLUE & WHITE will be everywhere!!!

This season just flew by and I’m thankful to have worked with such great ladies once again.  Instead of relationships breaking, we want to strengthen them because Black women, especially in THIS industry, need each other!  If we dare to stay together we might mess around and be UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

Before I forget… LOL!!!!  Don’t forget to tune in for Hawaii fun and my girl Monifah’s big day on the season finale, Wednesday, June 25 at 10/9c! 

– Syleena –