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It turns out the late Eartha Kitt did not play when it came to her man and Jackeé Harry shared on Twitter how she learned this lesson first hand.

When Michael Segalov tweeted a question asking folks to share a “surreal encounter” they’ve had with a celebrity, we’re sure he didn’t expect to hear this crazy story.

The former ‘Sister, Sister’ star revealed in her response that “Eartha Kitt slapped the f%#! outta me!” As if this bit of news wasn’t shocking enough, the reason behind this wild interaction, completely shook the internet.

Harry went on to explain she had been sleeping with Kitt’s at the time boyfriend! “She thought I was sleeping with her boyfriend.. which I was…”

Girl What?!

According to the 62-year-old, she was not aware this mystery man was already accounted for.

We aren’t the only ones who find this story absolutely hilarious, Twitter users have flocked to their timelines to put in their two cents.

Here are some of our favorite reactions:

The ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’ singer died in 2008 at 81 years old and this untold story brings back memories of this legend’s big personality that fans grew to know and love. She dynamic life that took both the film and music industries by storm.

Check out her episode of ‘Unsung Hollywood’ to learn the star’s full story. You can watch it here.

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