Diva Syleena Shares Real Talk About Grammy Nomination: Season 3 Ep. 5




“We are all friends and I support all of them and what they do!”

R&B Divas:               Atlanta Season 3

Episode 5:               “Grammy Don’t Play That

Celebrity Blogger:     Diva Syleena

Diva Syleena shares REAL talk about the Grammy nomination, how she really feels about the new ladies and what’s up with her NEW music!


Diva Syleena on Season 3

This season is AMAZING so far!  It’s really FRESH and there’s more music!!! I’ve been receiving tons of positive feedback!  Even in our disagreeable moments there is a positive aura between us that can’t be denied!!! It’s definitely not like last season where you couldn’t deny the hate!!!  We are all friends (Angie, KeKe, Monifah, LaTavia, Meelah and I) and I support all of them and what they do.




This episode was all about our GRAMMY nomination! We were all very happy but I was especially excited for KeKe and Monifah since this was their first nomination!  I received a nomination as a feature in Kayne West’s “All Falls Down,” (and yes, I even received a certificate).  We quickly learn about the new 51% rule (you have to be on 51% of the record) and our Grammy nomination is in SERIOUS QUESTION.  That’s where it gets TRICKY! Did Faith know that before?  We are not sure. It looks shady but I can’t say that it is because I don’t know if she was aware of the rule or not.  But for the record, what I do know is we didn’t like how Faith worded the album.  We should have been recognized in a different light.  I think it should have read, Faith Evans PRESENTS and it should not have been Faith Evans FEATURES.  But, that’s my take on it. However, I don’t think Faith was malicious. It is what it is.  At the end of the day, we all contributed to that album and it was a great body of work. I’m grateful to have been on it and to have written my song, Stone Wall, which was featured on it.

Diva Syleena on GRAMMY Shade

The undertone of this episode is that Faith tried to snub us and I really don’t think that is the case! I don’t feel like she maliciously tried to cut us out. There was definitely a break-down in communication.

Now, the part about walking the red carpet …. Let me just say that I sure would walk the carpet with ALL the divas – past and present!  I do understand the comment about the tickets.  The Grammy’s are tight on tickets – I get that! I’ve been to the Grammy’s so I get it.  But, there is NO picture of the Divas on the CD or anything? That was weird.



New Divas in The Mix

It think it was a great look to add Meelah and LaTavia to the mix!  They both have great stories that I think a lot of people can relate too.  They’re young- but KeKe is still the youngest! Both of the ladies were in music groups (Meelah in 702 and LaTavia in Destiny’s Child).  I think both LaTavia and Meelah are searching to find what they want to do and that’s OK.  Both are very talented. The sky’s the limit with those two!



Angie’s R&B Extravaganza Birthday

On this episode we all come together to celebrate Angie’s birthday and it was cool!  What I called an “R&B EXTRAVAGANZA” LOL! Angie is ALWAYS trying to get somebody to sing and I don’t feel like it sometimes but God gave us this gift and we’d be out of line if we don’t use it! 🙂


LaTavia wished she had laryngitis! LOL… I wish she would have just said “I’m not ready” or “I’m not prepared.”  She should have texted Angie before the event and said “I’ll come but don’t ask me to sing,” and that would have shut that down!

I like LaTavia.  She is a GREAT person!  She has been throug a lot and the Destiny’s Child situation didn’t make it any easier.  In my mind, I give her a break because I know she has been through A LOT.  I think she’s scared and that’s OK.  LaTavia might explore writing songs if she doesn’t want to sing and that’s cool.  Look at Kandi (from Xscape and now on Housewives of ATL) and how she wrote “Bills, Bills, Bills.”  That song is probably where she got her biggest check from!



Diva Syleena on Momma Thompson

Mom is doing good!  She is still BANANAS and getting on my nerves but I say that in LOVE!  We moved into a bigger home with more space and she loves her “headquarters.”  She has a large master suite with sitting area and a big TV that she adores.  We meet in the kitchen and that seems to work out just fine. LOL!



My New Music

In this episode, I’m working with Pierre who is an AMAZING producer.  He’s worked with Beyoncé and Rihanna and now ME…. LOL!  I’m singing the song “Heaven & Hell” and it’s one of my favorites so far!  I’m so focused on trying to finish this record and capitalize on the opportunities in front of me.  It’s been a journey!

Next week, episode #6,  you will see me sharing my new music with friend/producer Wayne Williams and he pulls no punches on giving his opinion!  But I can’t tell you what he says because you will have to tune in and watch!


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