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Episode 217:   “Solo We Can’t Hear It”

When a racist engineer causes problems at the station, everyone has to undergo sensitivity training.

Episode 215:  “All Rev’d Up”

After a guest pastor gives a better sermon than Pastor E.L. Watkins, the church decides to replace him. 

Episode 224:  “The Bachelor”

The radio station hosts a Bachelor type promotion with Rickey as the not so lucky guy.  

Episode 226:  “Roll Pounce”

Rickey along with his family and friends, defend his title at the annual skate off only to be defeated by a surprise late entry.  

Episode 221: “Prank Off”

 Rickey goes up against Maurice and Kenny in a prank off that end with disastrous results. 

Episode 222:  “Heavenly Host”

Sister Bernice is convinced she sees the face of Jesus in her macaroni and cheese. 


Episode 219:  “Shacked Up”

Brandon tries to hide the fact that his girlfriend has moved into his dorm room. 

Episode 223: “Where’s Lil’ Daryl”

When Lil’ Daryl goes missing, the family organizes a search. 

Episode 218:  “The Contender”

A mixed martial artfighter challenges Kenny to a fight

Episode 214: “Go Home, Sister Bernice”

Sister Bernice plans her own funeral when she thinks she’s dying. 

Episode 216: “The Defender”

Sister Bernice thinks Maurice has a crush on her.  

Episode 225:  “Unsung”

Joe Willie stars on an episode of Unsung. 


Episode 201:  “Durango”  

Rickey rescues Kenny!

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