It’s the one thing we all say we could do without but can’t seem to get enough of. 

And not just I’ma-pull-your-weave-out reality show drama, but REAL drama. The kind that wins Oscars and brings us to our feet or knocks us to our knees.

We’re talking about The Color Purple, Malcolm X, Boyz N the Hood — that kind of drama. 

And with the last year being so filled with good, meaty dramas (12 Years a Slave just to name one) about our lives we figured that Black History Month would be the perfect time to not only look back at the best but to crown one film and one film only — the Top Black Drama Ever. 

So how did we pick the films you’ll be voting for? We had to start somewhere so we chose theatrical dramas that came out in the last 30 years. Yes, that means movies like Mahogany and Sounder did NOT make the list, but we DO have an Honorable Mentions list and there’s always next year. 

Here’s How It Works: We have three galleries of movies to choose, each with an accompanying poll. Cast your votes in each gallery of films and we’ll announce the film with the most votes on February 26 during the premiere of Unsung Hollywood.