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We might be waiting a while for Idris Elba‘s debut as the first Black Bond, but he’ll be hitting the big screen as another crime-fighting Brit “Luther” soon. The UK-based crime series “Luther,” starring Elba, will become a full-length film and is in the works.

The Golden Globe-winning actor confirmed it all at the season 5 premiere, saying: “‘Luther’ has all the ingredients to echo those classic [neo-noir] films of the 90s like ‘Seven’ and ‘Along Came a Spider,’ and I think what we would like to do is use that blueprint to create ‘Luther’ the film.”

Obsessed, dark and often times violent, Elba’s character in the BBC show straddles the fence. Is he the good the guy or the bad guy masked by the badge? But hey, isn’t this what we LOVE about Elba and all his characters? Devastatingly handsome and dangerously alluring all at the same damn time.

Enough gushing about the recently engaged Elba (You didn’t hear? Sorry ladies!). Well, we might have space for one more pic…


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Okay, now back to this movie.

There have been rumors about a “Luther” film since at least 2014, but now, the script is officially in the works and they’re building season 5 to set up the movie. In a recent interview with Drama Quarterly, Elba also hinted the series could end soon. He says, “…I think it’s one of our last TV installments – I shouldn’t say that as a matter of fact, but it was designed in the sense that Neil’s and my ambition is to take it to a larger screen. We paid attention to what we were writing in this show.”

It’s been a wild ride watching Elba become Hollywood’s leading man. The actor & DJ first broke our hearts as the book smart, Baltimore kingpin Russell “Stringer” Bell on The Wire (#RIPStringer). Then, he appeared in basically every movie we know and love (well, almost) – This Christmas, Daddy’s Little Girls, Mandela and Beasts of No Nation. And now, it seems like everyone else is catching on to what Black women across the world have known for at least a decade, this man’s a star. In November, the 46-year-old became People‘s Sexiest Man Alive. And, we can’t forget his epic words challenging men’s fear of the #MeToo moment. His stock and skill continue to rise.

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