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Last week Pastor John Gray and his wife Aventer Gray celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary with a star-studded vow renewal. After the ceremony was over, the Relentless Church pastor presented his wife with a very elaborate gift: a Lamborghini Urus. Talk about outdoing last year’s gift! As people saw the gifting of the car on social media, the truck, itself, wasn’t the issue, but it was the $200,000 price tag that rubbed people the wrong way.

After receiving tons of criticism for purchasing such a costly gift for his wife, especially as a pastor, Aventer stepped in to defend her man. And she wasn’t shy about it either! She let us know that her husband not only holds the title of pastor, but of author, producer, songwriter and so much more.

The first lady did make a good point in comparing the amount of money athletes drop on their whips and how no one really questions it: “I don’t see anyone screaming about how basketball players drive what they do while you paying $$$ to see them play in arenas and on fields…We don’t live for people! We live for God!”

The author of “Win From Within” took to Instagram Live to put all the rumors to rest and further explain his decision to shower his bride. The first thing he squashed was that a “pastor” bought the Lamborghini: “First of all, it wasn’t a pastor that bought the car. It was a husband that bought the car. I’m a husband first. Don’t confuse what I do with who I am. What I do is I pastor God’s people. Who I am is a husband and a father and I’ll do anything to honor them. And I won’t ask permission from anybody to do it.”

If that isn’t a word! Watch the full video below:

He also explains how he purchased the car for all those who were wondering: “Did this man use any money from the church to do this?’ And the answer is no, and God take my life on this live feed if I did. For those who don’t know, me and my wife have a show on the Oprah Winfrey network…And I’m not an actor on it, I’m a producer of it. Get that straight. Oh, by the way, I just signed my second book deal…But the book deal, comes with resources, the TV show comes with resources. I also have other streams, and I’ve also been wise with my savings and investments.”

You better let them know!

This isn’t Pastor Gray’s first time being a heavily discussed topic on social media. Just last month, on Sister Circle, he referred to his wife as his covering and said she endured more pain birthing him than their two children. And earlier this month, at his church he surprised many when he did a reverse offering and told members of his congregation they could take what they needed out of the offering plate.

TELL US: Do you think this gift is “too much” for a man of the cloth?

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