Originally broadcast in 2007, I Married A Baller is a groundbreaking reality show, one of the first to take audiences behind the scenes into the excitingly engaging personal lives of African American celebrities.  And now, is bringing the ENTIRE series — every episode — online to watch, when and where you want.

Former SWV singer, Taj Henry and her husband, football great and retired Tennessee Titan Eddie George opened up their homes and their lives to give the world an intimate glimpse of how erratic and entertaining life really can be when you are married to a star.

For Taj George, marrying her husband Eddie meant taking on more than just his name, but also sharing in many of his previous obligations and future ambitions. Upon their marriage, Taj took the helm of Eddie’s non-profit organization, Visions with Infinite Possibilities (V.I.P.) and decided to take the vision down a different road – literally.  Baller features Taj as she hits the road and crosses the nation with her own story of perseverance, survival, and success despite a history of domestic abuse and violence.

As exciting as a three-week tour may sound, Taj just might have much more than just a few things to juggle on her already full plate.  With the recent reunion of her world-renowned R&B group, Taj also has to work on SWV recordings, rehearsals and performances – all from her tour bus home base.  While on the road, Taj has to cope with continuing her cosmetology classes and helping Eddie prepare for his new job in LA as a Fox Sports anchor – a feat that also requires them to look for a potential new LA residence, in spite of Taj’s extreme objections.

With best friend and Eddie’s publicist Katrina Chambers on board to help, Taj takes the husband, the kids, LeLee and Coko (the girls of SWV) on a cross-country trek that will be nothing less than the most entertaining action-packed adventure ever!