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We all know by now that Michelle Williams‘ relationship with pastor Chad Johnson has been under a bit of scrutiny lately, especially on social media. Just last week, a clip from the engaged couple’s reality TV show, Chad Loves Michelle showed them reliving an argument during therapy where Chad alluded to Michelle’s mental health issues as the reason they were having a problem instead of differences in race.

Michelle told him: “Chad, you might not understand why I communicate the way I do, because you’re not black,” to which he explained was offensive to him.

Although they’ve had their ups and downs (and even a few breakups), the singer and pastor are still going strong. In an interview with Radio One, Chad opened up about how they’re not falling victim to the reality show drama that a lot of couples often face. The couple wanted the show to showcase their love, faith, finances and so much more. Instead of allowing the show to rip them apart, he claims, it’s keeping them “accountable.”

“It’s given us the opportunity to learn one another. The show has held us accountable on another level. And I don’t know about other reality shows, but I know that sometimes there can be a stigma on reality, but as for Chad Loves Michelle, 100 percent of what we’re doing and what we’re doing and what we’re allowing the cameras to capture is real. It’s our real life, it’s our journey.”

And hopefully, it stays that way.

Michelle does confess that she didn’t realize how the public would react to seeing the inner workings of her premarital counseling sessions with her beau, and that social media followers would run with a soundbite as fact because that wasn’t their intention for the show.

“We want our relationship to be at peace,” said Michelle. Johnson adds: “For us, you know I keep saying, as long as we’re good, it really doesn’t matter what the world thinks. We have to live our life and they’ll be onto something else in no time.”

The two met at a retreat that Johnson hosts every year for young adults in March 2017, he spits a little game, and their relationship evolved from there. After a year of dating, the chaplain popped the question earlier this year.

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