Diva Faith dishes on her trip to NYC, diva drama and her hair product launch.

Episode                         "Empire State of Mind"

Guest Blogger                 Diva Faith

I always love going back to New York.  This episode was a lot of fun. It’s always good to see family and friends.

Faith on being back in NYC

I’m from Jersey so I can never get enough of the big city.  It seems like every time I go home I end up missing my flight and staying an extra day because I haven’t seen all of my family and friends.  The birthday bash my mom gave is just what she does.  That was NOT for the cameras.  That was going to happen whether or not the cameras where around.  That’s my family!  That’s how we do it!




Faith on Syleena’s Set

It was obvious that Syleena’s event has some issues that were out of her control.  I think the misunderstanding at the 40/40 Club was a result of Nicci not encountering the same experience with the same promoter, that’s all.  At the end of the day, I would personally ignore it.  It is what it is.  It’s over. 

Opinions are like a*s-holes.  Everybody has one but some stink more than others.


Faith on KeKe’s Therapy

I’m really happy for KeKe.  It’s wonderful that she has decided to take this step.  It doesn’t matter what other people say.  It’s about her and her feelings and ultimately, her feeling good about herself! 


Faith on Nicci’s Curvato Launch

Nicci is doing it!  She has put so much work into her fashion line and for her to be invited to Full Figured Fashion Week is amazing.  I believe this is just the beginning. The clothes are amazing and curvy women everywhere will want to rock these looks.  My hat’s off to her!  Great job diva!

Faith on Terez

I mentioned how much I like Terez [Monifah’s significant other] on the show and I do.  When I did get a chance to hang out with her, I noticed right away that she has a great sense of humor and an overall good spirit.  Terez got me right away. I’m always cracking jokes and she got them!   I like that! 


Faith on New Business

Over the years I’ve been asked to endorse a lot of products but it hit me that I should work with my good friend Richard Glass, owner of Glass Hair Studio in Venice Beach, California because I love his products.  I met Richard Glass years ago while riding my bike in Venice Beach and he saw me and asked if I was Faith! LOL!!!! Then, my hair stylist Amber started renting a booth in his salon and the rest is history. I started noticing how much I would reach for his products at the red light to fix my hair! LOL!!!  We have four products but are launching one right now- AIR GEL.  AIR GEL is the bomb!  It’s not a gel!  It’s water soluble so it lays your hair down perfectly!  It’s so good!

Our launch party was a lot of fun and since I was going to be in NYC for Nicci’s Curvato fashion show I figured what better place!!  We wanted an intimate gathering of industry tastemakers so I invited personal friends of mine that are make-up artists, hair and fashion stylists.  It’s funny because a lot of the invited guests didn’t even know that a salon was in that tall building but that’s NYC for you. 

We had plenty of snacks, comedy and cocktails on hand.  It was a blast and everybody loved the product.  Right now you can get AIR GEL at Richard’s salon located in Venice Beach, California and several Venice Beach hotels or you can purchase online at GLASSHAIR.COM

My favorite hairstyle to rock is bone straight.  I love brushing it back in a ponytail.  I wear it like that running around or going to the gym.  In this episode, I’m rocking a ponytail and AIR GEL is definitely keeping my look together.  The burgundy dress with the shoulder cut-out that I wore to the 40/40 Club and then to the GLASS HAIR launch party is from Neiman Marcus (I can’t remember who) and my belt and shoes are definitely YSL.


Faith on her Family Affair

That’s how we do when I come home!  My mom pretty much does all the cooking. Funny, the older I get, the more I realize I am like her.  We feel like we have to do it ourselves or it won’t be right. LOL!  I love my mom! She’s the best!  What the cameras didn’t show is ALL the food we had!  We had potato salad, mac and cheese, cole slaw, fried fish, ribs, chicken, hot dogs, beans and burgers.  The fish was RIDICULOUS and the last thing ready to eat but well worth the wait!  All my mom’s years in the food service industry was definitely in effect! 


You get a glimpse of CJ.  He is my son with Biggie.  CJ will be 16 next month and he is studying to get his drivers license.  He’s a good driver. He has his eyes on a PRIUS because he wants something good on gas.  He can rap. He dabbled in that for a minute but doesn’t exercise it.  He can sing also but he doesn’t really exercise that either.  My son Joshua is 14 and he is a singer.  He sings all the time.  CJ is a great photographer. He wants to get into film.  My oldest child Chyna, was in an earlier episode and is a student at NYU and my youngest is my son Ryder.


Yup!  That’s Biggie’s mom, my mother-in-law, Ms. Wallace.  She’s family.   She always has been.  We call her “me-ma.”  We never had a bad relationship and she is still my mother-in-law.  We do have the business of managing Big’s estate together but she will come visit even though she really doesn’t like LA.  CJ had sinus surgery and she was right there!  She even took CJ and Big’s daughter T’yanna to Jamaica one year because they had never been.  She will also come to my mom’s like you saw on the show.   That’s “me-ma”, she’s family and we love her.


Faith’s Big Announcement

When I announced that we had been invited to perform at Essence Music Festival on the main stage it was nothing that I took lightly.  It’s a BIG DEAL in our genre of music.  I think I have only performed there once and that was when I was touring with Usher.  To see KeKe break down was just a reminder of how big this is and what an accomplishment we were all about to experience.  KeKe’s voice is ridiculous!!!!! She is so talented. Its crazy to me that such talent has not graced venue like this.  I was really overjoyed to deliver such great news!

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