Diva Nicci dishes on hitting the stage at Essence Music Festival and her biggest lesson learned on R&B Divas.

Episode:           “Essence of a Diva

Diva Blogger:      Diva Nicci

It was really my birthday (July 8) on the season finale when we are all in New Orleans to perform at the Essence Music Festival.  A year ago to the day the TV show R&B Divas was just a dream!  We actually shot the promo reel the year before and KeKe and Faith sang happy birthday to me.  A year later it’s the finale and we accomplished so much!

Nicci on New Orleans

I LOVED Kermit’s Treme Speakeasy Restaurant.  On the show, we land in New Orleans and I’m telling the ladies that we are going to party because it’s my birthday but we need to eat and eat we did! LOL!!  Kermit’s Restaurant has old fashion potato salad that was awesome.  If you can make that then you can cook.  I grew up in places like Kermit’s Treme Speakeasy Restaurant because my mom is a jazz singer.  As a kid, I was always in the kitchen at some venue eating fried chicken and my mom would be doing her thing on stage. Great memories!

I especially liked when Kermit and his band serenaded us.  It was so special!  It was cool to see an artist  do other things!  He is a musician but he has a restaurant.  I was like see — people can do more than one thing!!!

Nicci on Celebrating and Working:

We were all celebrating and working at the same time and that’s a hard place to be.  We are in New Orleans so of course we were going to have some fun!   It’s a known fact that alcohol can dry out your vocal cords but it depends on your body, everybody is different.  I remember once when I wanted to order a hot toddy (a drink made of liquor and water served hot) and Eddie Levert told me that “you have to take care of your voice, it’s a muscle.” Deborah Cox is a big tea person.  I should definitely switch to tea like her.


Nicci on KeKe Feeling Left Out:

We would never isolate KeKe.  We love each other.  We are all sisters but what I’ve learned is sometimes things can be misinterpreted and misunderstood.  At the end of the day we have a bond that supersedes that. 


Nicci on Her Love Hate Relationship for Music:

I love music and I love singing, when it’s done from my heart.  I was that girl with a chip on her shoulder because I had some struggles and issues (with weight and self-esteem) but my reluctance to be a part of the music industry was not because of my ego.  When I look at the music industry for real, it has really broken my heart.  As a young artist I was not taught how to handle my business. I had no knowledge of how to do taxes or make sure accountants were not stealing from me.  When I think of how Michael Jackson, who gave me the opportunity of a lifetime by signing Brownstone to his record label, was treated it simply breaks my heart.  The same goes for how Whitney Houston was disrespected. It’s just very heartbreaking to say the least. 


Nicci on Her Daughter Brandi:

My daughter Brandi has a job and is working!  She is trying to find her way and I am confident she will be just fine.  She wants to move to NYC to pursue fashion but she also wants to be close to home.  I am so proud of her regardless.  She is 22 and although I want to hang her upside down sometimes (LOL) she is a beautiful young lady and still looks at me as a positive role model. 

Nicci on Curvato:

The tremendous amount of support I have received has been awesome!  THANK YOU!  This is my first year embarking on a career in fashion design and I am still learning and evolving.  I really wanted to share that on the show.  I wanted to encourage people through my Curvato Clothing line journey to PURSUE THEIR PASSION.  You may not make a lot of money at first but if you roll up your sleeves and stick at it your hard work will pay off.  I have put my everything in to Curvato.  One day I hope it grows to be a company people can truly be proud of. 


Nicci on Her R&B Divas Experience:

Looking back, it was such a stressful time.  I am involved off camera as an Executive Producer (along with Faith) and on camera as myself.  I was determined to put out a positive product.  I wanted to show that women can work together as one and be dynamic. I have helped provide a platform for that so I feel, I’ve done my job.

Nicci on Her Biggest R&B Diva Lesson:

I am far from perfect but I have learned to take responsibility for my reaction, no matter what the cause.  My biggest lesson learned from R&B Divas is that I have to learn to filter myself and my reactions. Your reaction (for all of us) is key!!!!  I am so thankful for this opportunity and hope that my journey has inspired women to PURSUE THEIR PASSION.