I’m remixing again!  This time it’s all about Midnight Star.  What does this group have in common with Salt-N-Pepa, sort of?  Check out my blog and comment! 

I was about 10 or 11 when Midnight Star was at its peak but my older brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles were definitely JAMMIN!  As a youngster, Midnight Star was GO IN YOUR ROOM MUSIC, which meant it was time for me to go to sleep so the grown-ups could party!


Midnight Star Versus Salt-N-Pepa

Don’t even get me started on the fashion looks of that period.  I was a little young but I remember that futuristic funk look and its soooooooo NON-POPPIN!!!! OMG!!!! Watching videos from that time is hilarious.  And let’s not forget the Jheri Curls which were very prevalent at that time.  Another group around that same time, Ready For The World, would rock that hairstyle too.   ALL the kids wanted a Jheri Curl.  LOL!  Oh my!!!!! LOL!

Midnight Star had some crazy looks but that was the 80s!!!! Midnight Star’s female singer had crazy energy…didn’t she?! I liked their routines.  You could tell that they really practiced their craft until it was perfect.  They worked together and basically lived together. 

If you compared Salt-N-Pepa to Midnight Star, we were kinda like that but we didn’t live together.  We were together on the road but we always needed our private time.

Spin on Managing a Band

Management styles can be tricky and when a group member’s parent is involved, that’s the trickest.  I can see why their was beef between Midnight Star on that, especially when one of the member’s mom was their manager.  That’s a definite conflict. Look at Destiny’s Child, prime example!


Spin’s Favorite Midnight Star Tune

If I HAD to pick my favorite Midnight Star song it would be Curious but let’s not forget No Parking On The Dance Floor or Freak-A-Zoid.  When I spin and DJ an 80’s electro-funk set, I definitely throw Midnight Star in the mix!!!  It’s real get up and dance music.  I would also throw in the mix hits from Chic, Skyy’s Call Me and Rick James.  It was pretty much all about the funk in the 80s.

Gotta run!  I’m about to catch a flight to New Orleans to DJ some hot SuperBowl parties.  Can’t wait till next week!  It’s all about EMPD! 

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