Legendary, Grammy-Award Winning DJ Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa fame is adding “Unsung Ambassador” to her impressive music biz resume.  She can’t wait to sound off about her love of music and her favorite show, Unsung! So before you tune in for an all-new season beginning January 23 at 10/9c, Spinderella lets us in on her love for Unsung and her plans as the show’s official ambassador.

TV ONE:               Congratulations on being Unsung’s Official Ambassador!

SPINDERELLA:    I am so HONORED!  I LOVE Unsung because if you are in this [music] industry you have a journey and Unsung does an awesome job of collecting information and sharing these legendary stories!  As an artist I have an individual connection each artist profiled, especially this new season, and I can’t wait to learn more about these music legends as well as share my personal experiences.

SPINDERELLA:    As Unsung’s Official Ambassador, I’ll be tweeting live during each episode and sharing my personal connections/stories of the artists profiled in my weekly Unsung BLOG.  I’ll also share some of my own Unsung moments and the journey’s I’ve traveled as a part of Salt-N-Pepa.

Portrait Of Salt N Pepa

TV ONE:  Salt-N-Pepa became the most successful selling female hip-hop act and one of the most successful hip-groups of all time – male or female. How did you join the group?

SPINDERELLA:  I joined Salt-N-Pepa after their first album dropped and I was in high school.  Hip hop was in its early stages when I was a little girl.  I can remember riding my big wheel and playing jump rope and I loved how the DJs  would transition the neighborhood block to party mode, what they called JAMS, by playing music. A few years later, my high school boyfriend was one of those DJs and I would help him set up, carry crates with records, etc. and one day I was playing around on his turntables and he was like, “Let me hear that again,” and the rest is history!   Shortly after that, a girl in high school asked me if I wanted to join a girl group and I didn’t really pay it any attention until I got a call that evening from Salt-N-Pepa’s manager Herbie “Luvbug” Azor and I knew it was serious! I got the gig and the rest of the summer I was on tour but when the summer was over I had to go back to school!

TV ONE:  So you were still in high school when all this went down?

SPINDERELLA:    Yes! And my parents were like; you are going back to school and graduating but Salt-N-Pepa fought for me!

TV ONE:  Who won? Salt-N-Pepa or your parents?

SPINDERELLA:  Salt-N-Pepa!  They got me a tutor and I was on the road with them my senior year and finished all my credits/classes with the tutor.  I went back to graduate and when I walked across the stage, everybody sang “PUSH IT!” I was so embarrassed!!!!!

TV ONE: What does music mean to you?

SPINDERELLA:  Everything!  My dad collected vinyl and he taught me a lot – everything from Jackie Wilson to Bobby Womack.  He recently passed away. R.I.P. Daddy.  I knew music from the womb!

TV ONE:  Besides never missing an episode of Unsung, what have you been up too?

SPINDERELLA:  Salt-N-Pepa had an amazing run.  We had our ups and downs but I am proud that we are part of hip-hop history.  Since then, I’ve done radio and I just celebrated 25 years of DJ’ing.  I’m still at it!  I’m currently the Official DJ for the  Shaquille O’Neal’s All Star Comedy Jam Tour, as well as DJing both nationally and internationally for all types of events.

TV ONE:  Fill in the blank. Your favorite Unsung episode is ____?

SPINDERELLA:  The first one to air! DEBARGE!  Once I saw that I was hooked. I was a huge Debarge fan.  My other favorites include; Teena Marie, Donnie Hathaway and the Marvelettes.  Coming from a girl group, I could understand a lot of what the Marvelettes went thru.  Times have changed but issues in the industry are the same.  Everyone’s Unsung journey is so enlightening.  I can’t wait to blog and tweet about them!

TV ONE:  January’s Unsung’s line-up includes; Isaac Hayes, Midnight Star, EPMD, Lou Rawls, Disco (featuring two dozen musical performances, and commentary by legendary Disco performers), Eddie Kendricks, The Whispers, Mint Condition and Johnny Gill.  Who’s your favorite?

SPINDERELLA:  All of them!  I was in hip-hop the same time as EPMD and Johnny Gill is part of my favorite male group.  I am going to have so much to tweet and blog about as Unsung’s Ambassador.

Get ready!  I can’t wait!!!!!


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Unsung returns, Monday, January 23 at 10/9c.

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