Photo courtesy of David and Tamela Mann’s Instagram

We all know David and Tamela Mann keep it real when it comes to their hilarious family dynamic, and such was the case last night on Instagram. It seem as if David Mann Jr. has temporarily moved back in to the MANNsion (he and his wife are building a new house) and nearly caught his parents in a super sexy moment — and of course documented the encounter on social media. Watch below!

To defend himself and of course not to be outdone, Big David jumped on Instagram to clap back, “I don’t know what they think has been going on….me and they mama still have a sex life….it’ll be 30 years. We are married….this is what happens when kids move back into the house. What did y’all think we were doing?” 

The Manns have long since been one of our favorite couples to watch on and off screen. Their undeniable chemistry and love for one another along with the support and sacrifice they make for their kids and grand kids are just some of the reasons why we love them.

This isn’t the first time David has been caught loving on Tamela. Remember this?

Don’t you just love, love?

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