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Mo’Nique and Sidney Hicks are back in the news since the comedian’s call to boycott Netflix earlier this year. The pair are revealing what they say is a ‘long-time lie that’s been told in Hollywood’ on their podcast, Mo’Nique and Sydney’s Open Relationship. The 50-year-old’s manager and husband chimed in saying, ‘a rumor that subsequently cost an individual over a decade of their life, based upon a lie.’

Since 2007, Hollywood and fans of the Shonda Rhimes hit show Grey’s Anatomy believed Isaiah Washington was fired for reportedly making homophobic remarks.

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According to the National Enquirer, the actor allegedly “assaulted” cast member Patrick Dempsey and during the fight, Washington supposedly “grabbed Dempsey by the throat and said, “I’m not your little fa**ot like T.R. [Knight].”

Since then the now 54-year-old has largely been missing from the big and small screen. While he did make an appearance on the ABC show in 2014, besides Mo’Nique’s 2014 indie flick Blackbird and TV One’s 2018 nod to civil rights activists in Behind The Movement, we haven’t seen a lot of the father of three.

And now we might know the real reason why. The couple revealed an email that “fell into their hands” detailing an ABC attorney allegedly admitting to tarnishing the Washington’s name prior to his firing from the series. “I knew we threw Isaiah Washington under the bus for Patrick Dempsey.”

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Juicy right? While Washington has yet to respond, he tweeted this last month, addressing the long-standing misconceptions.

Missed him in the TV One original film in February? Take a look at what he said about portraying the legendary E.D. Nixon below.

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