Dear R&B Divas,

It is with much respect that I pen this letter to you five lovely ladies.  Each of you, dynamic in your own way, really got me to thinking about how love and relationships impact who we are and how we travel through the journey of life.  I don’t think I am speaking for myself when I say all of you have definitely left an imprint for the better.

Darling Nikki Tells the REAL Reason We’re Not Feeling the "Kappa" Wedding.

Diva Faith

Before Beyonce and Jay-Z were crowned the hip-hop couple, there was Notorious B.I.G. and YOU!  His swag and your beauty represented the ultimate music couple.  Biggie in his black leather and you in your blond hair! Although Biggie is no longer with us, we still claim (and always will) Ms. Evans as urban music royalty.  It was touching to see you with Mama Wallace “Me-Maw” and witness the love you to share. There is a lesson there for ALL of us. Family is family!  Death, divorce and break-ups can’t keep a good diva down nor should it mean the end to family ties.

Diva Syleena

As a daddy’s girl myself, I know what it’s like to seek and receive a father’s guidance and love.  Although you and your famous father, Syl Johnson, have a complexed relationship his love for you is evident.  He only wants you to be the BEST performer you can be.  There’s no doubting that you have some big shoes to follow but just do you!

Your dad is straight old school (no disrespect) and he is speaking from his music generation.  Did you see his face when you finished your performance?  It was PROUD and PRICELESS.  Most of us have received advice from our parents.  We should be thankful that they care enough.  Listen to what they say.  It’s said in love.  

Diva Nicci

I know there has been a lot of talk surrounding you and your personality on the show.  People will be people and they can talk all they want but what I want to say is you are definitely about your business. I have to RESPECT your passion for your new clothing line CURVATO. If people were HALF as passionate about their job or marriage or children as you are in expressing yourself, I think this world would be filled with more achievers.

Diva Monifah

It takes guts to showcase an alternative lifestyle on a prime-time cable reality show and you did just that with style and grace.  A lot of relationships could take some clues from you and Terez (mine included).  It seems as though the two of you are building a life together and planning in the process.  How exciting!  Also, for you to share your counseling experience with KeKe with an act of love.  It takes a real sister to encourage another and not hold the secrets of success for herself. 

Diva KeKe

Last but certainly not least is my girl KeKe.  I literally watched you transform from a scorned woman into a confident sister.  I can’t begin to imagine what you have been thru in your domestic violence trials and tribulations but the worst is behind you.  All you should do now is move full speed ahead.  I clapped and cheered when you decided to get counseling (no judgement) and cried with you when you compared yourself to a can of dented green beans. A lot of women don’t want to admit it but there is A LOT of KeKe in ALL us.  We have all been lied too, let down and broken hearted at one time or another.  You have a lot of heart to be REAL with her feelings and say things that most of us would never tell another soul.  KeKe, you are beautiful, you are talented and you are destined to rise above the drama and claim your rightful place in music.

As I watched all of you from week to week deal with family, each other and matters of the heart, I learned that although you all are DIVAS in your own right your also human just like the rest of us.   Each and everyone of us has our struggles, our passions our differences and our successes.

So in closing, divas, you will be missed and I hope to see you back on my weekly TV ONE line up soon!  In the meantime, go out and make records that make us sing along. Or in Nicci’s case, go make clothes that our show off our fabulous curves.


Darling Nikki