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Don’t act like you haven’t pondered this same subject in your head, but inquiring minds really do want to know why Halle Berry can’t keep a man.  If Halle’s love life is in a constant state of disarray does that mean the rest of us should not even bother to get out of bed and brush our teeth in search of true love? 

Well, of course not!  We may not have Halle’s beauty, figure or fame and fortune but love is not just for Hollywood’s leading ladies. If we have learned anything from Halle’s failed relationships, its DON’T GIVE UP because there is always someone else willing, ready and able to audition for a new role in your life.

If marriage and monogamy is what floats your boat, you probably stand a better chance at a happy ending then the lady who was named by People Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful in the world.  Crazy but true!!!  I have a couple of theories on why Ms. Berry has been unlucky in love – none of them pretty or proven facts.  Simply, just my two cents.

Too Pretty?

Is there such a thing as being too pretty?  The jury is still out on that one but my mom always taught me that women that look like wives get wedding rings and women who look like party girls get played. Perhaps her beauty has a man wondering if he is good enough or perhaps he simply can’t handle his woman being the object of every man’s desire.  Imagine going out and every eyeball is on her ALL the time.  A man loves a beautiful piece of arm candy but they don’t necessary want the entire store.   That’s a lot of intimidation that she can’t control.  Dang!

Low Self Esteem?

It’s often been said that those blessed with beauty suffer from low self-esteem.  Let me explain.  For example – If you are constantly not being approached because people are intimidated by your looks or if you are constantly being approached for the wrong reasons, you may think something is wrong with you and stay clear of what could be a great relationship.  Double Dang!

Heart Broken One Too Many Times?

Like most of us, Ms. Berry has tried in the love department more than once and hasn’t always been dealt a fair hand.    It’s no secret that she has been the victim of abuse and unfaithful partners.  In 1993 she married baseball player David Justice which ended in divorce three years later due to his infidelity.  Her next marriage to singer Eric Benet ended in the same fate when despite her sticking by her then husband, Benet admitted to being a sex addict outside their marriage.   Prior to these marriages, Berry’s dating roster was rumored to be a who’s who in Hollywood (Kevin Costner, Wesley Snipes, Christopher Williams…).  At some point, maybe these past love relationships gone sour were a bit much to get over.  Triple Dang!

Picks The Wrong Dudes

Nobody is pointing fingers because we have ALL committed this crime but perhaps Halle simply picks the wrong dudes time and time again.  We have all heard of book smarts, street smarts, financial smarts and even career smarts. Perhaps our leading lady just doesn’t have dating smarts.  Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!

Not Interested?

Halle never hid her desire to become a mother or the fact that she would probably never get married again so now that she has her child and can provide for it, perhaps she is simply not interested in a relationship.  Everybody does not want the white picket fence and wedding ring.  Besides, she did give it her best try…twice.  Maybe she is over the relationship thing and only enjoys the company of someone when she wants. Go Girl! Do You!

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