Under What Act?  Diva Syleena Tells It Like It Is! 

R&B Divas: Atlanta Season 2 

Episode 1:                       Get To Stepp’n

Diva Blogger:                   Diva Syleena

The season premiere starts off with a BANG and Diva Syleena talks candidly about her “get to stepp’n" moves and more! Find out what this diva has been up to since the show and what to expect this season.

Syleena on Life Since R&B Divas: Season 2

Season two of R&B Divas: Atlanta stressed me OUT!  We were taping every day, I wasn’t eating right and I gained a good ten pounds!!!!  I am really just getting a chance to unwind and do me! 

I’m back to working out, eating right and I lost those added ten pounds.  I’m currently training with fitness expert Shanay Norvell for the Hood to Coast Relay (the largest relay in the world) and I’m taking a break from Hybrid Impact Fitness for a while in order to train for the Relay. I’m on a team of 12 African-American women and it’s the first time in its 32-year history that 12 women of color are on the same team. I’m icing these knees EVERY DAY but watch out, come this August, I’ll be ready!!!!

I’ve also been doing shows and just got back from overseas.  I’m working on my next album Chapter VI: Couples Therapy and my album with Musiq Soulchild entitled 9INE is dropping soon.    My hair product line, Renown Premium Hair- True Diva Collection, has launched and that’s all you will see me rocking on the show. Every bun, bang or bob is from my line.  Latoya “Stylez” Peguero is my hairstylist for season two and she knows how to work a wig however Jamilah “Mimi” Anderson from J Flair Hair styled one of my Renown wigs this season, so I want to mention her too. Thanks for keeping my hair FABULOUS ladies!


Syleena on the Trumpet Awards

I’m glad our performance was showcased on the new season premiere.  All of us on stage together, it’s just great R&B music!  When I am on stage with the other R&B Divas  there is no denying that the chemistry is THERE; maybe it’s because I’m the happiest when on stage! I have had the honor of performing for Chaka Khan before but the Trumpet Awards  were amazing!!!!


Syleena on the Dynamics of Two New Divas

The two new divas are cool!  I’ve actually known LaTocha Scott and her husband for years.  She is a quiet soul but what I didn’t know about her it how nice she really is.  She is truly a sweetheart.  Angie Stone is too funny—you’ll see!!!! LOL!  Angie is Angie, how could you not love her?!!! 


Syleena Says "GET TO STEPP’N"

Yes. I went there and I took Martin Lawrence’s “GET TO STEPP’N” with me.  I LOVE me some Martin and I watch all the reruns on TV One- NO JOKE!!!!! Who doesn’t love Martin???

I decided to get the ladies together because I had an announcement that I was excited about and wanted to share.  It’s no secret that I don’t fool with Nicci.   I shouldn’t have invited her but against my better judgment, I did and you know what happened next.

First of all, she came unannounced.  She didn’t tell any of the other divas she was coming and I had not spoken to her.  Then when she did show up, she came with a chip on her shoulder, very disrespectful.  UNDER WHAT ACT does Nicci come in my home reckless ready to pop off?  You want to know? I’ll tell you!  The negative act and the lying act.  She was turned up but I had to turn her down.  

It’s sad that it has to come to this in front of all the ladies and it’s even sadder that we can’t get a tour together.  I have never been violent towards Nicci EVER, that is a blatant lie and borderline slander and I’m concerned.  She just wants people to think that we are alike but I’m totally opposite.  The reason for her not vibing with me is buried within her own self-hatred.  I don’t hate Nicci. I will continue to pray for her and hope she seeks help for her anger


I hope the church folks don’t get mad at me because I was really trying to keep it together but I have to protect my home.  My husband and two kids were there and I don’t let anyone bring demons and negativity into my space.    I don’t want bad spirits in my house and that’s why I picked up the cross.

In the past, I have overlooked her actions but when you let a bully have their way they will run rampant.  Her lies have got to end.   No More!  


TELL US:  Was Syleena wrong to tell Nicci to "get to stepp’n?"  Are you #TEAMSYLEENA or #TEAMNICCI?