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Talk about a Christmas blessing! Rapper T.I. completely surprised a group of Target shoppers in Atlanta. He walked in, called for all the single mothers in the store and bought the remaining gifts they weren’t able to purchase for their kids.

T.I. posted the video below on Christmas where you’ll see him greeting fans and walking through the store, leading all the single mothers to the register. He spent $20,000 in 30 minutes, but what he gave….was priceless.

He posted, “Wish I could’ve came earlier, stayed longer & done more for more people. ( @delta got in our business) But still I’m blessed to be able to do anything I can for those in need.” 

Then, T.I. surprised us again by stopping by a daycare to drop off a U-Haul full of presents – diapers, stuffed animals, toy trucks and tons of wrapped gifts.

T.I. shared what motivated him on Instagram, “I guess it’s some places Santa just ain’t gon go….Don’t Trip!!! That’s why It’s a blessing for me to be able to be a blessing to others.”

Watch the second video below:

If we could all live by T.I.’s words, the world would be a better place.

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