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Dorien Wilson, aka Professor Oglevee, and Angie Stone appear to be very close and very coupled up.

See for yourself….

We stumbled across this pairing on Instagram. Wilson posted, not one, but three different photos of them hugged and boo’d up. And now we’re wondering, is this real or just for show?

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While we would LOOOOOVE this cute, sexy chocolate pairing, both Dorien Wilson and Angie Stone star in the show “In The Cut.” Wilson has been with the series since the beginning and Stone has made guest appearances. But, we’re leaning heavily toward ‘no’ for this couple, since they both made sure to include  “brother” and “sister” in their Instagram captions.

Wilson says, “The incomparable @theangiestone Such a Great Spirit inside and out Love you Sister!…??❤️”

And, Stone replies, “Big Brother! It was a pleasure!!”

If they had any chemistry, it went right out the window with those friendzone words.

TELL US: what do you think? Couple or Castmate?

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