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Over the past year it seems we have been bombarded with allegation after allegation of famous men sexually assaulting women. The stories are all too similar. The fame and power attracts the women, they’re drawn in by charm and a smile, and then the moment strikes.

Whether it manifests as full on rape, the showing of private parts, or an inappropriate squeeze, we’re left with the same result. A woman has been reduced to her sex appeal.

The latest man to be called out for his inappropriate behavior is Jesse Jackson.

In a 2,000 word article posted Monday to, it’s author Danielle Young accuses Jesse Jackson of sexual assault. Her article includes pictures from the day of the incident and a detailed account of his actions and her feelings. In the following quote she explains why she decided to post the article nearly 3 years later.

“Honestly, I think it’s worth it for women to speak out against men who simply can’t keep their hands to themselves. Because that’s where it starts. My silence gave Jackson permission to continue grabbing at the next pair of thick thighs he liked. I’m hoping that my voice does the opposite.”

In the following excerpt pulled from, Danielle describes the incident.

“I walked toward Jackson, smiling, and he smiled back at me. His eyes scanned my entire body. All of a sudden, I felt naked in my sweater and jeans. As I walked within arm’s reach of him, Jackson reached out a hand and grabbed my thigh, saying, ‘I like all of that right there!’ and gave my thigh a tight squeeze.” 

“I was shocked, to say the least. Even though Jackson had had his hand reached out, I had no idea that he would touch me in a sexual way.”

“I did what most women in an uncomfortable position do: I giggled. And I continued to giggle as he pulled me in closer, stared down at my body, smiled and told me he was only kidding. The entire time, my co-worker snapped photos.”

She goes on to accuse one more, John Singleton, of inappropriate behavior as well. In the article she writes:

“I conducted the interview, and afterward I went over to Singleton to grab my mic and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward him, saying, “Bring that juiciness over here.”

“He was sitting in a director’s chair, so when he pulled me, I fell forward and stopped myself by placing my hands on his legs. He then leaned forward and kissed me on my cheek. I said, “Oh, oh, OK,” and stood up, embarrassed because everyone was definitely still in the room.” 

Unfortunately incidents like these are far too common to recount them all, but the days of women quietly dismissing them are over. Thanks for speaking up girl!


TELL US: Have you experienced sexual harassment? How did you handle it?

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