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After a video went viral of University of New Hampshire’s Alpha Phi sorority members singing along to Kanye West‘s Gold Digger, Piers Morgan blamed rappers like West for allowing white people to feel comfortable using it.

Watch below.

In a column written in the Daily Mail, Morgan says this, “how can it possibly be racist to sing along to a song that was No 1 in America for TEN WEEKS? And is the word ‘nigga’ racist anyway? Oh, I know the word ‘n****r’ from which it is derived is racist. We all know that. That’s why I won’t even spell it out. But even among black people there is disagreement as to whether the word ‘nigga’ is actually a racist or offensive term at all.”

In the same column,  Morgan went on to explain that there are some blacks that don’t agree on the use of the word.

“Famous black stars are split about its meaning, too. Comedian Chris Rock, in his routine ‘Niggas vs. Black People’, distinguished a ‘nigga’, which he defined as a ‘low-expectation-having mother-f****r,’ from ‘a black person’. By contrast, the late Tupac Shakur distinguished it thus: ‘N****rs was the ones on the rope, hanging off the thing; niggas is the ones with gold ropes, hanging out at clubs.’ No wonder, then, that white people may be even more confused as to whether ‘nigga’ is actually a racist or offensive word.”

TELL US: Does the use of the word bother you? Should whites be allowed to use the word if it’s in our music?

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