I can’t believe the season finale is here! I really liked the way we ended the show…perfect finale!!!! Read my blog to get the inside scoop on our finale take.

Belle’s – Season Finale – Runaway Bride

Favorite Moment

One of my favorite things in this episode was Keith David (Big Bill) and Ella Joyce (Aunt Gladys) in the kitchen going back and forth about the food for the pastor. I just love seeing those two IN ACTION!  Hilarious!!!!! 


The Bride

Our Belle’s Bride was so sweet on the set! It was great to have her around.  I loved the story line about how she didn’t want to tell her husband-to-be about how many men she slept with. LOL!  You probably weren’t expecting that one but Belle’s has some great writers who really know how to push the envelope.


Working With Tami 

Tami and I love each other, FOR REAL.  That’s my BOO!  Those scenes between us where I am giving her some big sister advice were really touching and fun to film. Her character Loreta needed some real guidance when she started dating the married man who came to the restaurant with his wife (played by Wendy Williams) We both know Wendy Williams. Dag! I can’t believe I didnt’ get a picture with Wendy on the set!!!!!!! I’m mad I didn’t get that.  


Eye Candy on the Set

Actor Gary Dourdan played Tami Roman’s (Loreta) love interest who was MARRIED!  He was dead wrong in his role but he sure wasn’t bad to look at!  He is definately a nice looking!

Time flies when your having fun!  Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback and blog comments throughout the series!  I really enjoyed every moment of Belle’s !!!!!!

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