Tami Roman blogs in character as Loreta and dishes on dating a married men while giving some REAL relationship tips! 


DISCLAIMER: If Loreta had the time to blog in-between working at Belle’s and looking for a suitable man, this is what I think she would say!

Season Finale – Runaway Bride

Okay, okay I’ll go ahead and say it…I FELL FOR THE OKEY DOKE!!!!  I consider myself to be a pretty strong minded individual, but this man was SO smooth and I landed dead smack in the middle of drama.

Now I have NEVER been pressed to find a man. After all, I am Loreta Cooper!  Men generally flock to me, so why I got involved with a soon to be unmarried man, still baffles me???? Maybe I was a still a little tipsy off of Aunt Gladys’ bourbon mash potatoes! 


I mean, WHO knew that my big sister Jil was friends with old-boy’s WIFE.  SMALL WORLD!  I really appreciated her sticking up for me but I definately didn’t want to put her in the middle of THAT drama!  Sorry Sis!!!!!!! Sisters will tell you when you are WRONG and I was wrong!!! At least I’m woman enough to admit that…


My Valuable Lesson! 

I learned a valuable lesson. Married men do NOT leave their wives! They run the whole "we are having problems", "we are moving in different directions", "we are separated"…just to keep you on the hook. It’s so they can have-their-cake-and-eat-it-too syndrome. They will work that angle as long as women allow them too. 

I along with every woman need to hold men accountable to the relationships they are currently in. I definitely understand that couples have issues, but as a fellow sister we need to either let them work out their differences or give them time to leave before entering into that situation. We lack female camaraderie!!!!!! 

Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice…then I’m just a damn fool! This was a first and LAST time for me to be in that type of situation.  No man is worth my dignity, integrity and peace of mind.

Tami Roman

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