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Beyoncé is no stranger to female empowerment of all shades. But it’s her latest campaign for her athleisure (yes, that’s athletic and leisure all mashed up) line Ivy Park, that has folks talking.

Laverne Cox along with Sudanese super model Grace Bol and Ralph Souffrant and a host of others to highlight the Strong Beyond Measure campaign.

Take a look at below.

But it’s 64-year-old dance teacher Karen McDonald that really caught our attention. McDonald is no stranger to working with Beyoncé (she appeared in the visual album Lemonade and has performed alongside Mrs. Carter at the Grammys).

She told Essence, “I absolutely do. I feel like my age group is still in the prime of our lives, we have a lot to say and a lot to offer. I think by her including every age group there’s a sense of empowerment and I think there’ll be a sense of loyalty to the line knowing that someone specifically thought about you when designing something, which is really great.”

What’s even greater? She actively teaches dance and choreography.

“I teach at a couple of Universities here in Los Angeles. I also am the director of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. I teach every day all day long, seven days a week. I also choreograph; I do concert work and commercial work as a choreographer. I get to inspire a lot of different young artists, but I also get to teach dancers who are also older. Just because you’re older, doesn’t mean you stop doing what you love.”

If that ain’t the truth.

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