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I’m a fan of Yvonne Orji for several reasons.

Besides her hilarious character on HBO’s Insecure (who I’m not ashamed to say I identify with moreso than not), the 33-year-old is equal parts smart (she has a Master’s degree in Public Health from George Washington University) and sexy (because women can be both). And then there’s the very obvious — she looks like Toni Childs. Yes, Toni Childs (real name Jill Marie Jones) from Girlfriends. Cue the nostalgia.

Orji makes it no secret that she’s a 33-year-old virgin, but what’s even better is that she’s kept her vow to God as she navigates these Hollywood streets. The gorgeous Nigerian beauty talked to a crowd of young adults in Delaware earlier this year and the message was clear, the wait can be sexy.

And while she’s aware that not everyone is on the same journey as her, she encourages others that while you may not be a virgin, there are things you can wait for in a relationship.

“Wait on the person that sees you for you and loves you regardless, wait on the person that sees value in what you value, wait on purpose and not in fear.”

Girl. Now that’s a word.

Check out the conversation below and get the last two tips on what you can and should wait on in a relationship.

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