“Rock Of Ages” – Los Angeles Premiere – Arrivals

(Originally published 08.01.2012)

Cuba Gooding, Jr. was arrested in New Orleans early Tuesday morning after he allegedly pushed a female bartender at the Old Absinthe House, a bar in the French Quarter. 

Witnesses said the actor stopped by with a group of friends, and became angry when other patrons recognized him and wanted pictures. The bartender told police that she asked Gooding to calm down, and that’s when he pushed her. Another bartender then asked Gooding to leave and called 911. Gooding apparently pushed the female bartender again on his way out the door and left before police arrived.

Gooding visited New Orleans police on Wednesday to answer the warrant for his arrest. Shortly after, the bar management issued a statement saying the bartender chose to drop charges. Gooding is in New Orleans filming the movie, "The Butler."