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Belle’s Episode #1 – One Big Happy Family

I loved this episode because it touched on the issue of heritage and legacy. Most times, we have a warped sense of perception regarding our ancestry. This episode, “One Big Happy Family,”  shows us that even though history definitively has displayed unfair treatment via racism to African Americans, there has also been progression.


Keith David’s character, Big Bill, deals with his inability to move forward without having all the details. As the episode continues, we find that the original Crawfords granted most of their slaves freedom and later generations joined together to create one big happy family.


Holding on to past wrongs and things that hurt us does an injustice to our growth and development. We all have to live in the moments that are presented to us currently and not dwell on our pasts. I’m definitely not saying to forget, but if you are able to forgive past offenders, then you are free of mental slavery.  As an educated society, it’s imperative that we let go of disappointments/wrongs/hatred or you are no better than the people who committed the first act.

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