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Glorifying God At The Grammys | Ericaism

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This Grammy weekend, Erica Campbell is soliciting prayers…not for a win, but to ensure she is making spiritual deposits everywhere she goes!

Well, listen guys, it is a big week for me. It is Grammy week and for Grammy Week, every music business organization has an event, has a party, has a luncheon, has a thing. So since yesterday I have been extremely busy going and performing and shaking hands and, you know, just kind of being in the mix. But one thing I will tell you…this weekend really can stress you. 

But I know that God is sovereign and he’s in control.  

I have to perform tonight, then I have to perform tomorrow, then the Grammys are on Sunday. After the Grammys, I have to leave early to fly to New York to do GMA. I’m excited about that. After I do that, I have to take a few meetings in New York because I always try to do that when I get there. Then I leave to go to Vegas because Mary Mary is performing at the Super Bowl’s Soulful Celebration. So it is a very, very busy week and easy to be stressed. The details are many. Every flight, every car…There’s just a lot of things then, not even to mention the clothes and the hair. And for some people that is the most important thing, but let me tell you the most important thing for me… 

Prayers for Erica

The most important thing for me is that I make a spiritual deposit in every room that I go in. That I somehow shine the light of Jesus on every red carpet that I go to. That everybody that I talk to, I proudly claim that I am a believer and that I sing about Jesus and I’m trying to tell as many people as I can about his love. That becomes a task, because that’s not necessarily what they want to hear or know. It is the music business, and you know the enemy runs rampant up and through the music business. I have the difficult responsibility of being the light when they don’t want the light; they prefer the darkness. So most interviews, they’re asking about something that went wrong or somebody’s “messy something.” They’re asking about those things. They’re asking about how you feel about other people, and their comments and their choices and their things.  

My job is to be a light, but I need some prayer power! So today for this Ericaism, I’m asking that my faith community—the get up church—to pray for me… that God is glorified, that I’m anointed, that I’m focused. Pray that I’m not nervous, that I’m not stressed, but that I am keeping my eye on the real purpose. And while people will hear my music, I want them to hear Jesus.That is the point.  

It is not for another Grammy because I don’t need another one. I’ve been blessed with many. While I’ll be grateful for whatever I receive or don’t receive. I want to make sure that I make a spiritual deposit that someone wants to know Jesus. So y’all pray for me! That is my job. That’s my assignment.  

Yes, I have two nominations and if I win, that would be great…but if I shine for God, that would be even better!  


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