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Marianna, FL couple Dashoan and Sofia Olds were always interested in adoption. When they saw the local news story about how seven siblings had  been separated they felt it was their duty to do something.

“‘It was a done deal from the day we saw the story; before we even met them, it was a done deal. When I saw that picture, it was a done deal for me, honestly,’ Sofia Olds told the news station.

The Olds welcomed Necia, Reginald, Leondras, Zavian, Eric, Erica and Dava into their family giving them the biggest dream come true they could have ever imagined. Eldest child Necia said, “We thought we would never get adopted, but I thought this was a really good blessing for us.”

The Olds plan to instill within their new family the importance of their faith and the value of getting an education. They hope to get the siblings involved in a variety of extra curricular activities and continue to strengthen their new family everyday.

Adoption can be a hard choice to make, but in the black community it is a necessity. The Olds story shows the beauty behind adoption and if not for genuine couples like these, many children would not get the blessing of being apart of a “forever family.”

Tell Us: What lessons would you want to instill in your forever family?

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