Phoenix Coldon’s mother, Goldia, shares the agony of searching for her daughter for over a year and a special message in this exclusive TVONE.TV interview.

TVONE.TV:  Since the taping of Find Our Missing, have there been any new insights in the case of your missing daughter, Phoenix Coldon.

PHOENIX’S MOM:  Since the taping, not that we know of, we haven’t heard anything. It’s very discouraging and very upsetting.


TVONE.TV:  Your daughter’s name is so unique.  How did you come up with the name Phoenix?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  We named her Phoenix because of what it means.  It means beautiful, unique person of distinction and that’s what she is.  Her middle name is Lucille. That’s my middle name and my mother’s middle name. Phoenix’s favorite comedian was Lucille Ball and she started walking the day Lucille Ball died, April 30, 1989. She never crawled.  She kind of rolled and then just walked.

TVONE.TV:  How are you holding up? How has the disappearance of your only child affected you?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  The stress is really getting to me.  It’s affecting my heart.  I just had another procedure to my heart; they had to put in more stents.  The doctor can’t explain the pain I am feeling but believes I am suffering from a broken heart.  Broken heart syndrome is real. There is such a thing.  The doctor tells me to relax but I can’t stop thinking about her [Phoenix].

TVONE.TV:  Do you have any theories of your own you would like to share? What do you think happened?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  I strongly believe Phoenix is alive.  I think she is being held against her will.  She has never gone two days without calling home and checking in.  I believe she is unable to call home.

TVONE.TV:  When you finally found out that Phoenix’s car had been towed, did you find anything in the vehicle?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  Yes. Her purse and wallet were there, which the police have.  There was a 32 ounce soda cup with soda in it, some candy, lemon slices in a plastic sandwich bag and a note torn up in big pieces with one or two pieces missing.

TVONE.TV:  Lemon Slices?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  Ever since Phoenix was a child she loved sour things.  She would always suck on lemons…looks to me as if she went over some one’s house to get that.  And I feel like she went to the store to get the soda. 

TVONE.TV:  You mentioned that her purse, wallet, a soda, candy, lemon slices and a note was in her vehicle.  What about the note?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  Police showed me the note and asked if it was Phoenix’s handwriting.  I said no.  I showed it to my husband and he said no.  But, it bothered me.  I asked the lead detective if I could have a copy.  I poured over that note.  I got some of her notebooks and some were written in real fast and I took a magnifying glass and I came to the confusion that this was her handwriting.  It looked like when she writes real fast.  I poured over that note until I pretty much figured out what it said. I wrote it down and told them [police]. Police said it was us [Phoenix and I] passing a note back and forth in church [earlier that day].  One, Phoenix didn’t sit with me in church.  She sat two pews behind me that day. Two, either she wrote that note sitting in the driveway and tore it up before service.  Or three, after service I usually go into the parlor for fellowship and she waited in her truck and said don’t stay too long.  I believe she wrote it waiting for me and tore it in big pieces and put it in the glove box.  She could have got up and put it in the dumpster that was right there but I think she knew if something happened to her we would search her truck.


TVONE.TV:  Any other leads?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  I received a message on Facebook from a woman who said her daughter was receiving messages from the holy spirit about Phoenix and she gave me her number if I wanted to talk.  I called the lady and she said she was getting messages herself.  She was too specific about things only Phoenix would know. People that get messages from God don’t get all of that.   I told her to cut the crap and where is my daughter?  She got angry and hung up.  She called back and apologized.  I played along and I got all kind of information.  This lady said Phoenix was in something sort of like a cult.  Every time I talked to her, I talked to her three times, it was different.  But she never changed her saying that Phoenix was in something sort of like a cult.  She told me that I needed to pray because Phoenix won’t eat.  They are feeding her. They don’t want anything to happen to her. They don’t want to hurt her.  She also said they bout won’t let her go. And, I haven’t told you everything but she never changed her saying that Phoenix is in something sort of like a cult.

TVONE.TV:  Do you have a message for Phoenix or the people you believe may be keeping her?

PHOENIX’S MOM:  Take her to a fire station (they are safe places) and there are fire houses in every city, everywhere.   Make sure she goes in; you can watch her from afar but make sure she gets in.  That’s all we ask. Please don’t hurt her.

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