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Florida’s updated “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law was deemed unconstitutional by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Milton Hirsch.

The Miami Herald reports that Judge Hirsch found that lawmakers overstepped their authority when changing the law, which made it easier for people to get away with murder by crying self-defense.

He ruled that under Florida’s constitution, the change cannot be crafted by the Legislature, but by the state’s Supreme Court.

The ruling isn’t binding, meaning that other trial courts in Florida can follow the law if they choose, but this may cause the law to be reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court, resulting in an appeal.

Many are rejoicing because the “stand your ground” law does not seem to apply to black people.

Trayvon Martin’s name usually comes to mind when discussing “stand your ground” as Martin, a black teenager, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman who used the “stand your ground” law as a successful defense in the 2012 case.

Also in 2012, a black Florida woman, Marissa Alexander, fired a warning shot to defend herself against her abusive husband. The bullet did not injure anybody and Alexander unsuccessfully used the “stand your ground” law as her defense. She served three of her original 20 year sentence.

We hope that the law is appealed more so sooner than later.

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