Pastor John Gray Slammed For “Give Sex” Comments

by Krystal Franklin

July 6, 2017

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For some, Pastor John Gray is a fan-favorite in the religious sector and for others, well, let’s just say they often don’t agree with his very honest, very assertive way of teaching.

While at MegaFest in Dallas over the weekend, Pastor Gray caught a ton of criticism for his views on wives seeking validation from their husbands. During First Lady Serita JakesGirl Talk session. he said, “the bills are paid, the kids are covered, I’ve prayed over you, now handle your business, so we can have a nice night,”

The clip has since gone viral, spawning conversation on if women should seek approval from men. Watch below.

Gray took to Instagram to explain his thoughts in more detail after receiving backlash for his comments.

“I wanted to add context to the video that’s been posted. It’s very interesting to me how fast some in the church are ready to vilify and judge something without proper context,” Gray explained. “I was a part of a panel of men who offered perspective during the Girl Talk panel hosted by First Lady Serita Jakes and her daughters. The question was posed to the men as to whether or not women should need the validation of a man, particularly wives.”

“My response was that wives MAY want to work, but there are times when some don’t want to HAVE to work. As a husband it is my honor to give my wife the best that I have. And most husbands would say the same,” he added. “This SHORT clip is designed to get people to go to see the entire conversation. But I’ve noticed how fast things get taken out context, which is what some people want to do anyway. Some people want to disqualify you from the public discourse because they never liked me anyway. Doesn’t change what God is doing in my life. But responsibility says to offer clear context to the video which I neither edited or saw before it was sent out.”

Echoing her husband’s sentiments, Gray’s wife Aventer also had a message for “religious boxy people.”

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I have had to learn quickly how to get delivered from people's interpretations and perceptions when it doesn't matter the intent you tried to convey a thought. If Aventer isn't offended by the answer to the question what was posed to the Man Cave that included my husband @realjohngray, then no one should be. I possess a calling & a voice which @realjohngray SEES, SEEDS, & NEEDS. In no way was this rude or arrogant. Ignorance would take the "money comment" and "empty box" comment and "handle your business" comment to levels that were unnecessary and completely miss the foundation of the context because of the passion of the delivery. My husband and I aren't perfect, but he values me. He doesn't have to give me anything. We bless each other. Money…comes and goes and whether he gave me $1000 or $10 to go to Chick fil a, it's the thought that he cares about me and wants me to know it. I don't have to do anything or feel compelled to "give sex" after he gives me a gift. He doesn't expect me to do anything, neither do I expect him to do anything because of an x, y, & z. We respect one another and God's marriage is holy and sex inside of a marriage is holy, and love expressions don't have to have a motive attached. I'm going to submit because it's Bible and submission is a blessing, (watch me teach on it), but when a woman feels valued, its a lot easier to follow the mission…I can work, and I do, 4 jobs. Believe that. However, if I don't want to, He says I'm good and he has me. WE work hard for us to be in this position and in the event I need to run a hospital or 2 with my 3rd degree while he takes a rest, I CAN. It works both ways. Let's not get confused. We do this together, But as the King of my home, he runs all of this and runs it well. Religious Boxy people bless me. When my hubby goes a certain way, I'm going too, RIGHT IN, as evident in the clip. We Go ToGetHer! Offended by our PDA much? Don't care, we love our flawed selves and imperfect marriage and God is being glorified in it. God knows he has a couple who can be sexy, saved, and have fun without compromise, in us. Be blessed on a Monday! #GrayceLife #MarriedandOwningIt #BoldandBlessed

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