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In this years July issue of Redbook magazine Tracee Ellis Ross graces the cover as she talks about the road to embracing all of her chocolate curves, loving each strand of her natural, kinky curls and much more.

While the actress has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, she too struggled with body issues. Ross opens up to share how her journey to accepting herself was long but she made it through with a little #BlackGirlMagic.

Ross tells Redbook, “One minute, you’re supposed to be really skinny — the next minute, you’re supposed to have huge boobs. One minute you’re supposed to have no lips, the next they’re supposed to be full. No one can keep up! I finally got to a place where I was like, excuse my French, ‘F— that. That’s not fair.’ So I got to then choose for myself what makes me feel empowered.”

We live in a time when people constantly try to break black women down for their beautiful, natural hair or try ever so hard to re-create our traditional styles. Ross goes on to tell readers, “For a long time, I was trying to beat my hair into submission so that it would do what I thought it was supposed to do to be sexy, so that it would be silky. But the more I supported my hair in its authentic texture, the more choices I had for it to do hundreds of different things. That was exciting to me. I’m really grateful to the whole natural-hair movement. It’s a genuine expression of how the culture of beauty is expanding to be less about perfection and concealment.”

Ross touches on her relationships with her looks, falling in love with her natural hair, gives her best beauty tips, and embracing the importance of spending quality time with yourself. As black women, Ross’s words of advice can be utilized by all of us. Keep making strides towards accepting yourself as we are all beautiful in our own melanin.

Tell Us: What are some of the ways you like to spend quality time with yourself?

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