DISCLAIMER:  If Aunt Loreta had the time to blog in-between working at Belle’s and looking for a suitable man, this is what I think she would say!


Belle’s Episode #3 – The Intervention

It’s only natural for your family to want what’s best for you, but child WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE WE THINKING TRYING TO STAGE AN INTERVENTION FOR AUNT GLADYS????? Being that Aunt Gladys is my favorite Aunt, I really didn’t want to be involved, but I knew I would have to hear from my big sister’s Jil if I didn’t participate.

Any-hoo, the family felt it was our responsibility to get involved and help Aunt Gladys steer her cooking style more towards healthier living. After all, obesity and hypertension are major concerns in today’s society and especially among African-Americans. Although, we might have picked the WRONG time to take a stand.


I mean, taking a chance on new recipes when the legendary Ms. Dionne Warwick had dinner reservations was the worse time ever BUT I guess there is no time like the present. Old habits are hard to break whether you have “company” coming or not. 


In confronting dear ole Aunt Gladys, I had to look at my own eating habits (and waistline) and realize that it’s O.K. to treat yourself a little but do things in moderation!  At the restaurant, we decided to do our part by serving smaller portions of the best soul food in the south!  When you come to Belle’s, you know what you’re going to get and that’s why we are big in the "A".  People know that our food is made with LOVE and a whole lot of SOUL.

Until Next Time!


TELL US:  Was the Cooper Family to Tough on Aunt Gladys and Her Intervention?