Although the term “baby mama” may be more commonly used in ANY neighborhood today than ever before, would you watch a TV show showcasing an African American man with 10 “baby mamas” and 11 children?  Well, if you haven’t heard, and you probably have (more than once), “All My Babies’ Mamas” is not a joke.  It’s scheduled to appear on your TV from another cable network this spring.

As an African American woman who makes her living writing about relationships, I HAD to give my DARLING NIKKI TWO CENTS while trying to control my SIDE EYE.  I’m sorry people but FOR REAL?  My gal pal said it best when she said “even though this MAY be common in your ‘hood’ that doesn’t make it right.”  LOL! 

According to the “All My Babies’ Mamas” trailer, 36 year old rapper Shawty Lo (Carlos Walker) may be known as a rapper but in Atlanta he is known as the man with 10 “baby mamas and 11 children.”  I must have missed the memo but when did THAT become a badge of honor in the era of HIV and AIDS?

With the state of reality TV these days, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all and should be numb at the idea of yet another television show making US look crazy but watching that trailer hit me like a bullet!?!! How many folks are going to see THAT and think this is the norm in the Black community or think their big pay day is to get knocked up by a rapper?  #DARLING_NIKKI_REALTALK

For me, the 13 minute “super tease” or trailer was more like a commercial for BIRTH CONTROL for both MEN and WOMEN then actual entertainment. I’m not sure who would sign up to have a baby with a man the same time as another woman or maybe even two or three other woman (There are multiple children the same age.  You do the math!).  I also don’t know what man would want the headache of putting up with all those women AT THE SAME TIME for the rest of his life. 

Why not just protect yourself from the nonsense?  Well, Shawty Lo had an answer for that too.

“They [the women] was in love and I probably was too.  Hell, it just happened,” said Shawty Lo in the “All My Babies’ Mamas” trailer.

I’m not sure who I’m rolling my eyeballs at the hardest, Shawty Lo or the women who all have been nicknamed for the show?!? From the “First Lady” (once engaged to Shawty Lo) to “The Fighter Baby Mama,” “Wanna Be-Bougie Baby Mama,” “No Drama Baby Mama,” “The Shady Baby Mama,”  "The Jealous Baby Mama" and “The Baby Mama From Hell,” which name would you want to be known as?  For me, NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Well, at least one “baby mama” had her head screwed on straight…sorta.  She stated for the cameras that…”When I found out he had so many kids, the first thing I wanted to do was get myself checked and make sure I didn’t have any diseases from him.  Thank God I didn’t.”

— Amanda “The Jealous Baby Mama”

Shawty Lo’s current 19-year-old girlfriend is the same age as not one, not two but three of his daughters and she is proud of her love for the ATL rapper.  “When I first figured out Carlos had 10 baby mothers and 11 kids, I didn’t care cause I was already crazy about him,” she said.

For everybody that says this is “cool” because he can afford it I have to ask — can he?  Why is he opening up his home, heart and children for the cameras?  He is not doing this for FREE!!!! Or perhaps his pockets don’t need the extra ching  but the itch to become the next big reality TV star is just too tempting.   For me, it’s not about the money or the fame it’s about spreading your seed and not really caring about the consequences PERIOD.  While we are teaching our young daughters and sons to be “responsible”  we are also rewarding a man and all his affairs with a TV show?  For those that say that everybody appears to be “happy” and he is taking care of his, my response is, that’s the LEAST he should be doing but does the world need to see it?  And although the woman may seem “happy” now… I bet you that wasn’t the case when many of them were pregnant at the same time and or finding out about other women.  That’s the side of the story that sometimes never gets fixed no matter how big the paycheck or ratings.

One man and all his “baby mamas” plus his 19 year old girlfriend (the same age as three of his children) equals  a train wreck on roller skates.  Sorry, I said it but it is what it is!  I’m sure the show will do blockbuster numbers if its not cancelled first but like my gal pal said, “that don’t make it right.”

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