44th NAACP Image Awards – Show

Halle Berry sprays perfume between her legs. This is probably a thing among many women, but eh, who knew? During her appearance on The Conan O’Brien Show, Berry was there to promote her new unisex fragrance, Closer. That’s when she explained to Conan O’Brien how it boosts the sense…everywhere.

Via Usmagazine:

“My God! I know you get this all the time. You are stunning. Just stunning,” O’Brien said, adding that the actress hasn’t changed “at all” in the past 10 years. “You are a vampire,” he joked. “It’s unbelievable.”

Berry gave O’Brien another shock during her interview while discussing her unisex fragrance, Closer. The host decided to test the fragrance for himself, but didn’t spray it correctly.

“You don’t put perfume on the palm of your hand!” Berry scolded O’Brien.

“Where do you put it? Do you dab a little? I don’t know what to do!” he said. “Feel free to touch me anywhere that you want.”

“Okay, take your pants off,” Berry joked back.

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