Tami Roman dishes in character as Loreta and gives her two cents on faith, family traditions and her sister Jil (Elise Neal) getting a man (before her!). 

DISCLAIMER: If Loreta had the time to blog in-between working at Belle’s and looking for a suitable man, this is what I think she would say!

Belle’s Episode #5 – True Love

Loreta Sets the Record Straight

Let me get one thing straight, I do NOT drink Vodka and cranberry!  However, I am partial to gin and tonic, but even then, I only have two maybe three a day. So Aunt Gladys needs to stay in her lane. Considering I am her FAVORITE niece, I can’t believe she threw me under the bus. I’m still a little salty about that, but I digress.


I guess Aunt Gladys redeemed herself (with me) with those bourbon mash potatoes she served at "let’s meet Jil’s new man dinner."  She out did herself on those potatoes!  I guess I can’t stay mad at my Auntie especially when she throws down in the kitchen like THAT.  I think I might have to let out a couple of my favorite outfits after that meal! I think that’s the only think I had on my PLATE. LOL!!!

I can’t cook but I got the recipe for those of you that do.  GET AUNT GLADYS BELLE’S BOURBON MASHED POTATOE RECIPE HERE and you will see what I’m talking about!  Now…. let’s talk about my big sis Jil finally getting a MAN!


My Sister Jil GOT A MAN!

Chile, Jil got herself a MAN!  Even though I’m currently SINGLE,  I was actually really happy for my sister.  It has been over a year since she last dated, so I wanted "Stella" to get her groove back and relax so she could stop stressing me to work!!!! From the excitement in her voice, the twinkle in her eye and overwhelmingly cheesy grin…I’d say this guy was the one.  He was easy on the eyes too! 

Now here’s the problem with Jil’s "perfect man"…anything that seems too good to be true, usually is.  Believe me! I know!!!!! From dating disasters that include catching my honey wearing my best Spanxs girdle to dating a married man, perfect is HARD TO FIND.   But when we found out that Jil’s dude don’t believe in GOD…. hmmm…. for our family, that is a BIG problem.


Cooper Family Traditions

Every family has their traditions, their own set of rules, their beliefs and the Coopers are no different!  Not meaning that one frame of thought is better or worse than the other, but whatever you believe, you have to stand up for it.

In our family, we were raised to believe in a higher power and walk by faith. In order for a relationship to work, both parties have to be on one accord. Jil’s boo NOT sharing her beliefs meant he had to kick rocks!  So sorry sis… I don’t mean to diss BUT the truth will set you FREE!

But we all have to remember, me and my sis included, that FAITH is a powerful thing!  I love my sister and have FAITH the right man will come into her and her daughter’s Pam’s life 🙂

Until Next Time!


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