A bossy “sister” and a  temperamental hog “on the set” really kept me on my toes this week!  Read my blog for the inside scoop!

Belle’s Episode 4: Whole  Hog

There couldn’t have been a more perfect episode for Tami Roman to act out her character Loreta.  This episode is full of laughs and some great moments!


Elise on a Perfect Story Line for Tami’s Character

Tami Roman, who is my GIRL, plays my little sister Loreta and the story line in this episode is just perfect for her!  Loreta finally found a man with money and she is trying to make the family do EVERYTHING for this party she is planning.  That was too funny!  Loreta giving orders to impress a plastic surgeon for a possible free nip and tuck!  PERFECT for her character.  Loreta loves to boss people around and Tami Roman gives it to us in this role and episode!!!!


Elise’s Style on Set

Sometimes taping can be really hectic!!!! I am truly into my character and believe that the right outfit sets the tone and helps tell the story.  I can’t be in fancy jewels and gowns if my character is sitting at home.  I would bring in personal items just because….and sometimes I actually got to use them.

That green jacket is my own personal leather jacket that I got from ZARA.  It didn’t cost a lot and I have had it about two years now but I LOVE it.  The green leather just adds the right pop of color and it just works, like when I’m wearing black.


Hog on the Set

I never saw the hog and I’m not so sure anybody did. LOL!  All I will say on that is Keith David is a fantastic actor!!!!

Next Time –  On the next episode of Belle’s,  the perfect story unfolds  for my character Jil! It’s a blast and I think a lot of women will relate!  Don’t miss it!!!!

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