This week, I’m blogging about the hilarious Belle’s "intervention," my very own personal food philosphy and my real life Aunt who needed an intervention of her own.


Belle’s Episode #3 – The Intervention

What was so cool about the "intervention" was that like so many popular sitcoms of today where the ensemble case is together in creating the funny, we [the cast of Belle’s] were all together in creating the funny thanks to the genius of co-creator and director Ed Weinberger.


Don’t get it twisted! We were laughing SO MUCH we couldn’t stop from laughing.  That scene took SEVERAL takes.  We were all coming up with different ways in how we would approach this scene and what we would say. 

From having "lard" in a coffee pot to a soap dish took a bit of getting use to.  LOL! We had to do it a couple of times to get it right.  And Ms. Ella Joyce (Aunt Gladys) was GIVING IT TO US in that scene!  She is incredible!  To play with the characters in that way in that scene was ALOT of fun. 


Favorite Outfits & Jewerly From This Episode:

I had about three or four outfits in this episode but my favorite was a buttery cream top and brown pants.  I don’t think the audience gets to see my pants but they were so comfortable and classy.

My jewerly is from Simone Smith’s jewerly line, S.I.S., and it’s just amazing!  What I love about it is the fact that each piece is soooo different.  People probably think that I’m wearing different jewerly lines but I am not. It’s all S.I.S.  The collection has so many different looks but one designer. It’s sheer perfection!

Young Talent

In the very beginning of this episode, a young actress is playing a waitress who tells me that some customers have questions about Belle’s menu.  On the set, she was so nervous!!!!  I simply told her to practice on me!!!! Everyone gets nervous, even me.  I told her that actors practice ALOT and to just do your lines over and over until it sounds natural.  She was so appreciative!  We practiced and she nailed it!!!!!

Elise’s Personal Food Choices

I think there was a GREAT message in this episode.  Its O.K. to eat soul food but cut down on your portions as Belle’s suggested.  I eat greens and alot of other good food, except macaroni and cheese, I don’t do cheese; but all in moderation.  You just have to be smart about your choices.  It’s important to cut calories and you can do that if you cut your food portions. 

My Real Aunt’s Intervention

My Aunt Evelyn is old school. She LOVES her soul food!  When I visited her over the holidays I asked her to try to eat nothing but vegetables just one day a week FOR ME.  I didn’t think she would really listen but my Aunt is the best and she gave it a try!

Not only did she try it but she liked it.  She tried it for about a month at first.  She told me that  she lost weight naturally and felt better.  Now my Aunt Evelyn has incorporated TWO vegetable only days in her diet. Like, Belle’s Aunt Gladys cooking habits, you have to be smart about your choices and cut back where you can.

Next Time – I can’t wait to dish about next week’s episode with the four-legged guest star and the script that was perfect for Tami Roman.

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