In dating, you are sure to have your fair share of TRICKS and TREATS but don’t let these experiences scare you in to singlehood! Don’t get gobbled up by undeserving men, lousy dates or one-time treats. We should share and learn from our experiences, no matter how scary, so we don’t repeat them. 

At one time, my Halloween costume was the queen of wacko dates!  LOL!  Remember my escapades with “Mr. Perfect” and how our FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT evening really turned out! Argh! #TheWorstDate   Don’t forget, DINNER FOR TWO when my date’s greediness left me with a scary bill! #TheWorstDate

But I think #TheWorstDate was one I have not shared until now.  I went out with this guy I met at the car dealership and prior to our dinner we had great conversation.  He never shared his views on alcohol and it never came out.  But all that changed when we went out for dinner and I ordered an apple martini.  After the drink arrived, he insisted that I pay for it separately because he did “not believe in drinking.”  If I would have known his views, I would have respected them but he didn’t share so how was I suppose to know?  I refused to pay for the drink because I thought he was being TACKY.  It was truly scary to see how quickly his personality changed over something so trivial. 

He began to call and email me daily asking for his $10 for the apple martini.  I had $10 but it was the PRINCIPLE.  In my book, if you ask a lady out and she orders a drink, you simply pay PERIOD.  Weeks became a month and then two.  He finally got the picture but he almost scared me out of EVER ordering a drink again.  WEIRD, CRAZY and just PLAIN WRONG. #FREAKDATE

TELL US:   Happy Halloween!  Share Your Scary Dating Story Now!  What’s the Worst Date You Have Ever Experienced?