UPDATE: Welp, we can’t say we didn’t see this coming! Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos tried to speak during the Bethune-Cookman University Spring commencement but was met with a chorus of boos and turned backs.

Bethune-Cookman President Edison Jackson attempted to take control, telling the students “if this behavior continues your degrees will be mailed to you. . . Choose which way you want to go.”


We weren’t the only ones surprised when Bethune-Cookman University announced their plans to have a member of Donald Trump‘s Administration speak at the Spring commencement. And when we found it was Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, we couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

This is the same woman who called historically black colleges and universities “real pioneers of school choice” neglecting to mention that our institutions were founded because black students were not allowed to attend segregated white schools.

NewsOne Now host Roland Martin talked to two graduating seniors from the Florida institution and they revealed why they think their soon-to-be alma mater was used for “political gain.”


With only one day before the graduating class of 2017 will walk across the stage at Bethune-Cookman, more than 7,000 people have signed a petition protesting her arrival. Read a portion of it below.

Betsy DeVos doesn’t understand that HBCUs were created in response to the exclusion of African-Americans from mainstream institutions. Secretary DeVos has no understanding of the importance, contributions, and significance of HBCUs…

Having DeVos speak at the commencement ceremony is an insult to the BCU graduating class, students, alumni, family, friends, and Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune’s legacy. We, the proud alumni of Bethune-Cookman University, do not want Betsy DeVos to have a seat at our table. Please rescind her invitation to speak at the graduation ceremony…”

TELL US: Do you think HBCUs should allow members of Trump’s Administration to take part in any campus-related events?

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