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The multi-talented Teyana Taylor returns to the “Tamron Hall” show to talk about her upcoming film The Book of Clarence, the Oscar buzz surrounding her film A Thousand and One, and what it’s like raising her animated and gorgeous daughters, Junie and Rue. Read more and watch a clip inside.

In a daytime exclusive interview, Teyana spoke about her incredible career so far. Since transitioning from music to focus more on her production company, the star has lit up the big screen. Taylor opened up about the recognition she has received professionally including the love and praise from icons Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, Ava DuVernay and Regina King.

“It’s so crazy because they were having the screening and I just happened to be walking in the lobby because I was staying there and the way they loved on me and just embraced me was amazing,” Taylor recalls of the stars love for her.

“What was crazy with this moment is I was like,” Taylor continued to share a moment with Ellis-Taylor. “‘Oh my god, like I don’t want to walk up. I don’t want to invade anybody’s personal space’ and it was like Aunjanue was like, ‘OH MY GOD!!! TEYANA!!!’ And I was just really shocked because as badly as I wanted this picture to happen, I wasn’t gonna be the one to ask you know? Because I am the fan at this table so I don’t want to be that person. And I just remember Ava taking out her phone and she’s like, ‘Let’s get this moment for Aunjanue.’ You know what I am saying,  it was a moment because I was like, ‘Yea girl! She asked me!’ Like I wanted this moment but I wanted to like blend too. Like I’m the newest little diva let me like, blend in and you know,. But it was just amazing.”

The Book of Clarence star also talks about the joys and comedic moments of motherhood she has experienced with her two daughters Junie and Rue.

“Earlier today I was on Twitter and see [Junie] did a whole interview with ET that I didn’t know about on the carpet,” Taylro shared. “It was like, ‘Exclusive! Junie on ET.’ I said, ‘Wait, what?’ Junie is crazy on the red carpet. She did an interview and she’s like ‘I hope my mom gets all of the awards because she’s very talented’ and then she proceeds to say, ‘And I just want to say, I love all of you guys, love my fans, I love my -.’ Honest to God, this is on Instagram. Junie is that girl!”

To that, Tamron asked, “What lesson you think you’re meant to learn with Junie?”

Taylor responds, “You know, having Junie and having Rue has definitely made me spare a few more apologies to my mom. ‘Cause I’m like ‘Girlllll! Girl, girl.’

What we loved most about what Teyana revealed about her parenting is how she encourages her girls to do whatever they want in this lifetime. Tamron asked if the two girls would pursue acting and Hollywood like their mom.

“I think so,” Taylor responded. “You know what’s crazy, they do everything. And I’m like one of them moms that is like, whatever they want to be like I get everything they need for it. You want to be in gymnastics? I’m bringing the little gymnastic stuff. You want to play basketball? Here’s the ball. You want to be a drummer? Here’s the drums. You want to be a doctor? Here’s Doc McStuffins. Like you know, whatever it is that you want to do, I am here for it. Like I want them to go until they figure out what they want to do. I will not be that mom that’s like forcing them into something that they don’t want to do.”

It was certainly three little Teyanas on that carpet. We look forward to watching what they all may do.

Later, Taylor was joined by her co-star RJ Cyler as the pair dished about their new film, The Book Of Clarence. The duo shared how their familial chemistry came to life on screen and how the entire cast bonded over meals prepared by Taylor including a Thanksgiving feast.

“Just raw reality, to be honest,” Cyler recalled working with Teyana. “I think throughout the filming process, we got to learn to care for each other, you feel me, just as a cast. And so, in that scene, it was almost just like watching my actual sister, you know, go through something and me not want to let that happen. It’s like that protection of [one another], it became real. So with you watching those screeners, it’s just mutual care.”

Watch a clip from the show below:

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